How does 12-mo payments with No Credit Check plan work?


    Hello, I hope I came to the right place for the answers.


    About a year ago, I moved to T-Mobile from AT&T hoping I would get the same benefit after 12 months of consecutive payments. Now that I have paid my 12th bill, I'm wondering how is this upgrade supposed to work.


    Currently Int. roaming doesn't work on SCNC. I was quite surprised to learn that there is a difference between SCNC and SC. It's frustrating when most of your banks require two-factor authentication through texts, but T-Mobile, so far, wouldn't let me even receive texts. And of course, T-Mobile app doesn't work. Can't have them call me through standard customer support. (found the number anyhow) Their chat line is unusually crowded with the launch of new iPhone. I'm hoping the upgrade to fix most of the problems.


    1. Can I stay with Simple Choice plan and simply be upgraded to "standard" plan or should I move to T-Mobile One?


    2. Will the upgrade happen automatically or should I visit/call T-mobile?


    3. How far does this upgrade affect? Can I start using Autopay, roaming, Jump and etc.?

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      • gramps28

        From my understanding it will automatically kick in on the 13th month.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Hey there riangray  and thanks for posting.


          1. You can stay on your existing plan if you'd like but the Simple Choice plans aren't available now. If you do wanna switch, you can make the jump to our T-Mobile One plan.


          2. That change should happen automatically.


          3. Sorry, I'm a little confused about this question. Is this in relationship to your 12 months of consecutive payments question? If so, take a look at our Smartphone Equality page.


          Please let us know if you need more help.

            • riangray

              I've read conflicting stories as to what happens after the 12 months, that's why I'm wondering to what extent it will affect me.


              1. My current plan is Simple Choice No Credit Check plan, which comes with (as I said in the original post) some limitations. That being said, if I don't move to T-Mobile One Plan, does this mean the only way I can stay with SC is to stick with SCNC, as Simple Choice is no longer offered? Or will I be upgraded to standard SC plan regardless?


              2. I'll wait for the 13th. Thanks.


              3. It goes with the first question. I'm wondering whether paying 12 months on time is affecting my plan and plan only, or my account in general. For the sake of the question, if I decide to move on to T-Mobile One plan down in the road, does this mean I need to re-do 12 months again with T-Mobile One NC plan?

                • tmo_lauren

                  Great questions!


                  You would need to choose a currently available rate plan, AKA T-Mobile One in order to complete the migration. If you want to stick with Simple Choice, you would need to remain on the No Credit Check alternative.


                  You should just be able to switch down the road so long as you still have 12 consecutive months of on time payments, you wouldn't need to make the switch at the end of another full cycle so long as you continue to maintain on time payments!



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              • riangray

                Contrary to the answers I have received, this is what happened.


                I just had a call with the customer support today, and they told me it is not done automatically and I must visit the store. Apparently website UI can't tell if I am eligible to upgrade or not, so calling the customer support was sort-of mandatory.

                  • riangray

                    I called the activation dept. again, just so that I can confirm what was going on. Although nothing is actually "needed" from on my end, (only the account will be affected, not by SIM, not my number, obviously not the phone) it is somehow still impossible to do it without going through T-mobile store.

                    That being said, this upgrade is not automated. You can only check your eligibility through activation department, not the actual upgrade. That, you have to go to the store.

                  • riangray

                    I've contacted T-Force through Facebook, and I found the right answer this time. I'll just go through it one by one.


                    The actual post-paid account needs to be activated through the activation department, as your no-credit check isn't considered as one. It's just a brand name.  Only way to convert without visiting the store to a post-paid account is providing T-Mobile with SSN so that they may run credit check, which defeats the purpose of the entire no-credit check plan in the first place. Otherwise, you have to visit the store, although nothing is necessarily needed on your part. (perhaps ID?) So all in all, 12-months of consecutive payment counts as credit-enough for T-Mobile, is a sham.


                    As a traveler-remedy, you can use wifi-calling while traveling, regardless of your account status and plans. I hope T-Force will live up to that parts, because I even bothered to bring that part up. In fact, until I did, no representatives mentioned anything about wifi-calling as temporary fix to the situation. It covers the basics; I can still talk to people in United States as long as I have a phone connected to the internet. And frankly, this should go into the FAQ as part of how all prepaid plans (as no credit check is another way of saying prepaid) will not have working roaming, but T-Mobile Wifi calling would work regardless.


                    I'll summarize the answers I've found.

                    1. As it is not the matter of switching to regular plan, but converting your account from prepaid to postpaid, plans are not the primary issues.

                    2. You need to visit the T-Mobile store. You need to call T-Mobile Activation Dept. to check eligibility.

                    3. Assuming they will switch your account to postpaid, everything should be same.

                    • tmo_lauren

                      Thanks for keeping us updated, and sorry about any confusion! This will be super helpful for other users!