Carnival Cruise Rates


    I'm trying to find out how much it would cost to use my phone while I'm on a cruise, but the international roaming page cruise ship drop down just says "Not Launched" when I type in Carnival. But the problem there is that T-Mobile is on their carrier list and Carnival says that you have to get the rates from your carrier because they differ. So I'm just wondering if anyone can help me out. I also see posts on this forum from as recently as this week where people are talking about using their T-Mobile service on Carnival cruises.


    From what I've read online, it looks like I'd only get charged for SMS for outgoing, not incoming (and I don't plan to even make actual calls at all). But that information is all from third parties (granted, multiple third parties are all saying the same thing, so I'm inclined to believe it), not T-Mobile themselves. Has anyone done this recently and would be able to confirm for me either way? Also, does anyone know if there's a distinction made between SMS and MMS?


    It'd just be nice to know if my dogsitter will be able to keep in touch at all while I'm on the ship, even if I don't text him back.

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Carnival Cruise Rates

        On T-Mobile's international roaming page every Carnival ship has a separate listing, although they may all have the same rates.

        I just checked the Carnival Miracle: $5.99/min for calls and 50¢ each for outgoing texts. Data is not available. Since MMS relies on data, I would assume that MMS does not work. Incoming texts should be free.


        I've read that some people buy the cruise WiFi package, stick their phone in "Airplane mode" then turn the phone's WiFi back on. This allows calls and text via WiFi Calling and data via the ship's WiFi. Just remember to take the phone out of "Airplane mode" when you go ashore.

        • grelca

          Re: Carnival Cruise Rates

          Well the international roaming page must not be working properly on my computer, then, because other cruise lines (for example Royal Caribbean) show autocomplete options for all the ships as I'm typing in the name, but if I start typing Carnival, there are autocomplete options as far as "Car" (but none are Carnival ships), and as soon as I get to "Carn" the dropdown empties and says "Not Launched"


          But that is very helpful, thank you!

          • grelca

            Re: Carnival Cruise Rates

            Carnival does, however, state that all of their plans have FaceTime and WiFi Calling disabled. So I'm not too optimistic about the WiFi Calling option.

            • tmo_marissa

              Re: Carnival Cruise Rates

              Sorry to read that you're having trouble viewing the cruise rates, grelca! If this is still happening after you clear your browser's cache and history, then we'd love to have you report it to our tech team so we can get a ticket filed.
              In the interim, though, mine is working -- I'm happy to look up the rates for you! Which Carnival Cruise are you taking?