Scam/Spam call blocking works great!


    One month anniversary of my T-mobile 55+ plan. The service and coverage has worked great for me coming over from AT&T.


    The best feature of your service, that I see few people mention, is the call spam/scam blocking.


    I was getting sometime 5 calls a day with AT&T. I was using the HIYA app to try and block the numbers. When I switched and turned off the app I immediately noticed about a 90% reduction. The calls that sometimes did still come through were identified as "SCAM Likely". I then added your free Scam Blocker and have noticed a 100% reduction in these calls. My wife has also noticed a big reduction in her scam calls even though she does not have the Scam Blocker on her line.


    This feature alone made it worth the switch for me.


    I also live in a low (one or two bar) signal area. Same signal no matter the carrier, Sprint, Verizon or AT&T. Your Wi FI calling feature works much better then the one I was using with AT&T.


    I am so happy with the switch in service, the 55+ plan, the spam blocking and the wi-fi calling, I had to go buy a new iPhone 8+ last week at one of your stores.


    Please keep up the good work!!!

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      • gramps28

        Re: Scam/Spam call blocking works great!

        I've been with Tmobile for 13+ years and just switched to the 55+ plan.


        My bill was around $105 with eip , taxes and a 15% discount and now my bill is

        $83 without the taxes and discount.


        Plus the scam/spam feature is a big plus , I'm glad your enjoying your Tmobile  service.