Questions About T-Mobile No Credit Check


    Hi there,


    I am arriving in the US in November 2017, and was going to order four T-Mobile SIM cards (shipped to Australia) in advance.


    I have four key questions:


    1. Can we sign up to the T-Mobile One No Credit Check plan online, and add that service to the newly activated (unused) SIM cards?


    2. Are we able to easily add the four lines together to get the necessary discount?


    3. We will only use the service for two months - I am unsure our the deposit system works exactly, and whether this is just the cost of service or an additional hidden charge that we cannot get back.


    4. We were hoping to add the T-Mobile One International feature for $25/month for one of the lines - is this possible, or does it need to be on every line in the family?


    Thank you!

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      • miket

        Re: Questions About T-Mobile No Credit Check

        They will not ship SIM cards out of the country.  Can't answer other questions.

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        • tmo_chris

          Re: Questions About T-Mobile No Credit Check

          These are some great questions! We are glad to hear that you are considering using T-Mobile for your stay in the U.S. I will break up your questions so that I can ensure I give you all the info you need.


          1: As miket  mentioned, we cannot ship the SIM cards internationally so your best bet is going to be stopping by a local T-Mobile store upon your arrival so you can activate the service immediately.


          2: On our T-Mobile One TI plan, you can have up to 5 lines. The cost for 4 lines is going to be $180/month.


          3: The deposits are per line and would be paid at the time of activation. $75 first line, $55 second line, $25 third line, and $25 for the 4th line , for a total of $180. Once you cancel your service (be sure to do so on the last day of your billing cycle) we will refund the deposits to cover any open balance on the account first. This would actually work out pretty well for you since it costs $180 a month for 4 lines. In your situation, you can pay the first months bill and the $180 in deposits, cancel your account on the last day of your second months bill cycle, and the deposits would be refunded to the account covering the cost of the second month.


          4: The One Plus International add-on can be added to a single line. If you go the above route and have the deposits refunded to cover your second months bill, you would only have to pay the remaining $25 for the second month of the OP International feature.