Refill Value - 90Days Availability


    I am trying to refill my account with 10usd. I am currently on the pay as you go $3 per month.

    Next to the 10usd it says 90days availability. What does it mean?



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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Refill Value - 90Days Availability

        Great question!


        Money added to your account will expire after 90 days, or once you have used the entire refill, whichever comes first!



          • not-a-robot

            Re: Refill Value - 90Days Availability

            i like you how phrased this cheerfully as if this was a nice way to do it.


            $10 at 90 day availability means that you have to pay over $3 a month for the plan to work out, which seems somewhat dishonest when you say it's a $3/month pay as you go plan.


            also, this is not explained at all on the refill page, so i added more money once and then wondered where it went after 90 days.


            nobody likes converting money into something that's worth less than real money and then expires (e.g. gift cards that expire).  please review your business practices.  the money in some sense has an expiration date anyways (since we are charged $3 monthly, eventually it will be consumed.)



          • headaches

            Re: Refill Value - 90Days Availability

            Where do you say that monies are only good for 90 days?  I got the $3 monthly plan for my parents who will only use for an emergency.  My first month expires right after I will give at Christmas.  So i tried several different times to set up automatic payment but the website stinks  It keeps reverting back to my account page and will not let me set it up.  SO I get the bright idea of getting a prepaid card.  I purchase $50.00 thinking this will carry my Plan for a year!!!!!   WRONG....IT EXPIRES IN THREE MONTHS....REALLY????  So I call a representative and he tells me if I ADD more money it will last me 5 months????  i feel like i have been ripped off.  The sad thing is that a lot of seniors would probably like this plan but this company is trying to rip them off.....SHAME ON YOU.  YOUR REFILL CARDS SHOULD STATE HOW LONG THE AMOUNT WILL STAY ON YOUR ACCOUNT BEFORE IT EXPIRES!!!