Unfair Billing worthy of a class action suit


    I have just witnessed the worst of all of the unfair billing practice. Something even Comcast won't do. My billing cycle end on the 16th of each month. Until September 14 I had 4 lines on a Simple Choice plan and was paying between $136 to $140 per month. I wanted to take advantage of the BOGO promotion for the Note 8, so I had to add a new line and upgrade to T Mobile One on September 14. After all I was two days away from the end of my billing cycle and on a prorated base if they give me a discount for the remaining days of the SC plan and charge me for the two or  three days of use of the T Mobile One Plan the difference will be few dollars. Wrong!!! $86!!! Below is the summary of what T Mobile charge me for service prior to September 17 (the date of the beginning of the  new billing cycle):


    • $68 on the main account (for 2 lines)


    • $10 for 2 extra lines that I had before September 14.


    More upsetting my data was slowed down since August 31 when I crossed the  2gb mark. Now they billing me line I have used T-Mobile One since the beginning. I have not called Customer Care yet but will do. I hope that they will fix it. But regardless of the outcome of my call with Customer care, I believe that this is the type of practice that need to stop. If you have experienced something similar please comment. I am  planning to report this to CFPB and FTC because they are probably exploiting other people with this type of practice.

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