Is There Anyone From T-Mobile That Can Help With This Problem?


    I purchased the Apple Watch 3 from Apple and paired the watch to my iPhone 7+ through the Watch App. During the course of the pairing, I was redirected to T-Mobile to set up cellular. Everything went well, and I was able to activate my watch. Since then, I can make outgoing phone calls on the watch using cellular. For  incoming calls, my iPhone rings but the call is NOT sent to my watch (on cellular). Eventually, the incoming call is sent to voicemail. I then get a "missed call" notification on my watch. Strange, the call doesn't get to the phone but I receive a missed call alert.  Continuing on, I cannot send or receive any text messages on my watch while on cellular.


    I contacted tech support on Facebook but no one seems to know how to address this problem. The T-Mobile tech support person instructed me to keep my iPhone near me at all times so that I can receive calls and send/receive text messages. If this is the case, why purchase the Apple Watch Series 3 and why pay the extra $10.00 per month for cellular use. Everything works fine when the watch is using WiFi/Bluetooth. It's when I'm separated from my phone and the watch is operating on T-Mobile cellular, that the problem exists.


    T-Mobile hasn't made any official comment or acknowledgement regarding this issue. Looking through the Discussions on the Community Page, indicates I'm not the only person with this problem. Can someone get this fixed?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hi, magenta2712943! I'm sure you've been looking forward to this device for a good while now; I'm so sorry that you're having trouble getting it to work right off the bat. I know you mentioned you received it from Apple -- I just want to clarify that this is a US version, as the international Series 3 will not pair with a US SIM. That aside, when you worked with our T-Force team, what sort of troubleshooting did we walk through? We have some first steps listed internally for troubleshooting by removing the plan and adding it back. Did you complete something like this already?

        Remove and re-add the rate plan.

        1. On your iPhone, open the Watch app.
        2. Tap Tap the My Watch tab, then tap Cellular.
        3. Tap the information icon that looks like an "i".
        4. Tap Remove [plan name] > Remove [plan name].
        5. Complete the On-device Activation (ODA) process again.

        If you walked through these steps and they weren't successful, then any additional troubleshooting would require a team with account access so that we can take a look at set-up and make sure that everything's completed correctly. If you haven't given this a shot yet, though, please let us know how it goes!


        - Marissa

          • magenta2712943

            Hi Marissa,


            Yes, the watch is a US version. I have done the 5 steps you’ve outlined, numerous times, and have gotten the same results; unable to receive incoming phone calls and unable to send/receive text messages, while on cellular. I would appreciate it if you could connect me with someone from the tech support who has access into accounts so that they can do further troubleshooting. Thank you for your help and response.

            • irinac

              Just thought I'd jump in and say I'm having the same problem - I can send and receive phone calls, I cannot send and receive text messages or any other data that I can see.

              I've talked to Tmobile so many times I'm afraid to know what the notes on my account say. I repaired the watch on and off wifi, restored from backup and as new watch, reset network settings, etc.

              I've chatted with Apple online, talked to Apple over the phone, went to an apple store, etc. I bought the watch from Apple and I only have 3 more days to return it. Apple reassured me that I could get it replaced later if it is a hardware problem, but I'm not comfortable risking $400 on a verbal reassurance. Any updates would help.

            • irinac

              Ok, as a quick update, I finally got my texts (iMessage and SMS) to work all the time, even when the phone is off.

              I called Apple for an unrelated question and the rep asked me to sign out and back into imessages. on the iPhone>Settings>General>Messages>Send&Receive - select use apple ID if that's an option and then sign out and back in. Under "you can be reached by imessage at" I still only left my phone number checked.

              This seemed to work. As a side note, I did this right after updating the phone to iOS 11.0.2 (maybe that also helped) and restarting both watch and phone.

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              • magenta2830565

                My Apple Watch SS3 works great on cellular except SMS texting. imessages as well as phone calls are fine. SMS will not send over cellular alone. It does send once I turn my iPhone on.