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Switch2T-Mobile SCAM!


    Two days ago, Sunday Oct 1, 2017, I went to the T-Mobile store in Bridgewater NJ because I had been told about their Switch2T-Mobile promotion.  I was assisted by a salesman named Brandon.  Very nice person.  The first question I asked was whether or not the program required me to purchase a new phone in order for them to pay off my balance with Verizon on my two Samsung Galaxy S8+ phones.  His answer, "Oh no, absolutely not."  You can imagine my delight knowing I wouldn't have to spend that money.  I was already planning on purchasing a third phone and adding a third line which I did at the cost of over $500.  It took well over two hours for Brandon to complete, or almost complete the transaction.  There were three salesmen that got involved, verifying my phones were eligible, reviewing my Verizon bill, searching for the page I needed a screenshot for showing the balances, and setting up the T-Mobile service on the devices themselves.  I asked Brandon if the payoff happened immediately.  "Yes, as soon as you complete the registration" was his answer.  The final step, logging into Switch2T-Mobile didn't work on Brandon's computer.  Attempting just came up with "Site not available at this time" or something to that effect.  Brandon said, "they are probably updating the system, would you mind trying again in a little while?  I'll give you the link."  Feeling good and having what I thought was a very positive experience I said, "Yeh, sure."


    This morning I went to  The first thing I encountered was that the "payoff" of the devices and ETF may take 15-30 days for a virtual card, or up to 8 weeks for a physical card.  A virtual card is only usable with any MasterCard® merchant accepting online or telephone payment.  THERE IS NO IMMEDIATE PAYOFF as I was told by Brandon, the sales person.  I'm not even certain how the payoff happens now.  Since nothing to the contrary was explained I just assumed that T-Mobile paid it off directly.  Now I don't really know.  OK, so perhaps I could manage to deal with that extra, needless, complication after all we are talking a significant sum of money.


    So I went ahead and completed the remainder of the questions until I reached the page that stated - "You do not have an eligible device for this Phone Freedom promotion".  So I called the store.  Brandon is off today so I explained the situation to Jeff, the salesman that answered.  He needed to speak to his manager.  He then came back and said, "Your phone is not eligible for reimbursement, but I have a couple of options for you.  You can buy another phone from us and then be eligible or we can cancel your service and reimburse you for all costs."  My reply, "I am not spending more money for what you have already sold me and I have agreed to pay for."  Those were my only two options that Jeff offered.  I was certainly not happy with that.  Three different salesmen were involved stating my phones were eligible.  They examined my Verizon bill, they inserted new sim cards into them, they knew exactly what phones I have and sold me saying I was eligible for the reimbursement.  I asked to speak to the manager.  Elijah got on the phone and told me exactly the same thing.  And I told him exactly what had taken place and that I do not intend to pay more to get what I was already sold and agreed to.  First he did his little sales manipulation.  Well you can buy our cheapest phone which is $75 and that would only be $3.  Only $3 for the phone?  "No" he answered, "$3 a month on your bill."  I explained to Elijah that as far as I am concerned this is nothing short of Bait and Switch - selling me one thing and delivering something else. He said it wasn't it was just his salesmen (all three of them) made a mistake by saying my phone was eligible for the reimbursement without purchasing another phone from them.  All three of them.  The three who examined my balance on my Verizon bill, the three who discussed my Samsung Galaxy 8+ phones being eligible for the promotion, the three who saw the physical devices.  I find it hard to believe it was just a mistake.


    All of this is in addition to multiple service problems that I didn't even get into.  Unable to download the Voice to Text app, calls taking up to 1.5 minutes to dial, once connected nothing but silence, no service or dropped service in my home and office (in NYC).  Why would I bother to even discuss these things when I have been lied to and the only resolution offered has been to ask me to spend more money with them or cancel the service.


    So sad.  I once had a lot of respect for T-Mobile.  No more.







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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Switch2T-Mobile SCAM!

        Hey markolnyc 


        First off, I want to sincerely apologize for the trouble you have had to endure switching to us. It is never our intent to make it difficult to start service with us and we should have don a better job of explaining the requirements of our Get Out Of The Red promotion. As I am sure you are aware now, the promotion requires that you are bringing over specific phones to us in order to have them reimbursed without a trade in or upgrade required.


        While we will not be able to change the requirements needed for your promotion, we would still love the opportunity to take a look at your account and help you find the best possible resolution. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can use the links in my signature to reach out to our T-Force team. They will be able to pull up your account and go over all the available options with you.

          • markolnyc

            Re: Switch2T-Mobile SCAM!



            Thank you for your reply. Let me clarify something, your promotion, which

            was never mentoned by name, was explained by Brandon, the primary sales

            person involved, quite clearly.  No need to buy another phone, Samsung

            Galaxy S8+ qualifies, with immediate payoff of remaining balance for phone

            on my Verizon account. Clarity wasn't the issue. Being sold something that

            you can't deliver was.


            What I find most unfortunate with my T-Mobile experience is not a single

            T-Mobile employee, all the way up to John Legere offered any solution other

            than to tell me buy another phone or cancel service. $75 Chris. $75 lost

            T-Mobile three subscribers. Had I been the store manager I would have

            immediately said, let me pay that $75 for you since the mistake was made by

            the three (3) salesmen that helped you, not by you, the customer. Instead

            the answer I get is I have to spend more money because we can't change the

            program. I have rarely experienced such rigidity, lack of responsibility,

            and lack of problem solving from a service provider.



            As for reaching out to you, I do not see a signature line in your email,

            thus no links. I don't really care to be brushed off to someone else. I

            understand if this is not important enough for you to dedicate your

            personal attention to. And it's probably not worth it any way since I've

            already switched everything back to Verizon. I truly wish I hadn't had to

            do it this way. I had a lot of respect for T-mobile, particularly their

            sales people and customer service before this, but now there will be that

            lingering memory of this unpleasant interaction.


            Again, thank you for your response. I agree to the issue being resolved at

            this point.




            Mark Chambers

              • tmo_chris

                Re: Switch2T-Mobile SCAM!

                I definitely do not want this experience to leave a bad taste in your mouth. While I cannot make any guarantees, we would still like the opportunity to take a closer look at your account. Since you are replying via email, you will not be able to see the links in my signature but you can reach T-Force on Facebook or twitter by sending a private message on T-Mobile - Home | Facebook or by sending a direct message to T-Mobile Help (@TMobileHelp) | Twitter.

                  • tmo_lauren

                    Re: Switch2T-Mobile SCAM!

                    Hey there!


                    Were you able to get a chance to speak to T-Force? We definitely do want this to end in a resolution for you.



                      • markolnyc

                        Re: Switch2T-Mobile SCAM!



                        Thank you for following up.  I have not spoken to T-Force.  I have spoken

                        with the salesman, Brandon, a second salesman, Jeff, the store manager,

                        Elijah, Dolly Anglin

                        from the Office of the President/CEO, John Legere, tmo_chris, Community

                        Service, and now you.  In addition, I emailed my concerns to Callie Field,

                        Executive Vice President of Customer Care, but received no response.  I

                        don't even know how to express my frustration with you and tmo_chris who

                        now suggest that I be brushed off to a "social media support team".  Not to

                        mention that, as I told Chris, I consider the issue resolved since I have

                        already ported my numbers back to Verizon, and returned the products

                        purchased from the store.


                        I truly fail to see what a social media support team could offer me at this

                        point other than taking my time for me to again to explain the experience

                        and ultimately be told that the issue is already resolved.  It seems an

                        effort to train T-Mobile personnel and build a social media support

                        platform rather than actually support the customer.


                        In addition to all of this, the only person that offered any type of

                        resolution was Dolly Anglin, unfortunately after the fact.  Nonetheless, it

                        was a kind gesture on her part and the only one that attempted to offer

                        anything other than, spend more money with us or cancel.  Ms. Anglin

                        provided a credit to my account in the amount of $205.00 for the month of

                        service.  While I would have contested any charge, since the last thing I

                        received was even a day of service much less a month, it is helpful to me,

                        the customer, in that it saves me the frustration of yet another dispute

                        resolution with T-Mobile.  In other words, she was the only person at

                        T-Mobile that addressed the customer's concerns over "company policy".

                        Everyone else has clung to "company policy" at the expense of customer

                        service.  I realize Ms. Anglin works in the office of the CEO and therefore

                        most likely has more flexibility than any of the other people I interacted

                        with.  That only reinforces my belief that the front lines of your company

                        either have no autonomy and flexibility or simply have no problem-solving





                        Mark Chambers

                          • tmo_chris

                            Re: Switch2T-Mobile SCAM!

                            Thanks for following up with us markolnyc. I am very sorry to hear that we were not able to come to a resolution that led to you staying with T-Mobile but I am glad to hear that there was a resolution. Please know that we greatly appreciate your feedback and you can rest assured that the appropriate feedback will be given.