customer support creates confusion


    I ordered Apple Watch series 3 on the very first day they announced that it is available for pre order, which 15th of September and signed the EIP agreement on the same date. stated that my watch is expected to ship 23rd of October.

    two weeks after I received I received an email saying that my order was unable to process and i need to update my credit card information, so I did it right away the next day I received the same email and by this time my order was on hold it doesn’t say it’s being processed anymore. I’ve been updating my credit card not even twice but 4 times and still not going through but my autopay for my phone bill was charged secessfully using the same card I used for Apple Watch. I keep on calling customer support, messaged them through T-Mobile app and even in facebook. They were telling me different information the customer support via phone call told me that my card went through successfully and it’s good to go but chat support and Facebook support says it wasn’t so I updated again for the 5th time.

    my order still says it’s on hold and date became 8th of November which was moved on later date. Even though I purchased it first day of pre order. And somebody even told me that the Watch is ready to be dropped in the warehouse and ahould be shipped on Monday (which is today).

    Never get any notification yet even after I updated my credit card 5 times. So unacceptable

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