Phone switching from TelCel to Cruise Ship


    I travel internationally frequently.  Recently, in Cozumel, I would get TelCel, the text message Welcome to Mexico, free 2G, et al.  I would get 4GLTE data with the roaming on, which is normal.  As soon as I get that the phone switches back to 3xxxx, which is cellular at sea.  It appears the ship tower is trumping the local carrier.  Is there a way to block the ship from taking over my access to TelCel or, will I be charged or not for access as I did get the Welcome to Mexico and it switched without my knowledge?  I was under the impression that Cellular at Sea turns off when in port.


    Not sure how T-Mobile works when a switch happens like that.  I immediately turned the roaming off because cruise ships charge $15/mb.


    I want the local 4GLTE and not the ships services.



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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Phone switching from TelCel to Cruise Ship

        I thought I replied to this yesterday.


        You could manually connect to TelCel and that should stick until you lose signal and the phone re-scans for a new carrier. You might want to mention this to TelCel. They may be able to get the cruise line to stop cutting into their business.   I don't think the cruise ship should be running their cellular system when in port. Maybe the Mexican authorities have decided to turn a blind eye. I don't know.