Tmobile is a company that lies about the 300 deal, worst customer service ever!!


    My wife and mys  went to T-Mobil, Monday to get the new deal.

    trade in our iPhone 6 Plus we had two to trade in.

    so they said they didn’t have any but would order them and I had to pay that day $369 for the iphone 8 plus

    two of them, and they said just bring your phones in at that time.

    so today I got a email from them that said they were in and to come pick them up.

    so we get there give our old phones to them and get our new iPhone 8’s two and get them all set up.

    bought two new cases and two screen protectors. when we asked when we would get our 300 visa cards for our old phones, the young man said he had to call customer service about it and if we had something we could go do while he handled it and he would call us. So ok no big deal we can do that and he said I will call you when

    I’m done, so he called and said I talked to customer service and they said to get that deal we would have had to take your phones on Monday, but you can instead give them to someone or sale them on eBay or return the 8’s and we will send them back and take back your 6’s and in a week, we should get you the 8’s back.

    plus we will have to return your money $369 and you will get that back in two weeks but when you come back in a week, we will have to charge you $369 again at that time! That was the  option I was given , I said that don’t sound right at all, so I call customer service myself and talked to Ma was her name  a customer service  supervisor  and she said go back to the store and I’ll call you there and we will get this fixed she promised! So we get back and she talked to the young man and told him to call retail support to get it fixed, so he did they said the same thing he said, so I asked to talk to the supervisor myself her name was sherry b I.d 481226173 she told me we had to do what he said I said I paid and everything and was never told to leave our phones Monday and they already took the money out of my account! And we already set up the new phones.

    she pretty much said or did say T-Mobile listen to the recording she was not going to try to help at all and that is what it was! I   Admit I was very mad at this point, I was lied to and spend my whole day there and couldn’t get any customer  service and feel like they don’t care about their customers or honor their own deals they  advertise ! My elderly dad was home by himself all day and T-Mobile didn’t care about anything so please don’t make the same mistake. I did by leaving AT&T two years ago only to be treated like we(T-Mobile) got your money and we won’t honor the deal we are   Advertising everywhere ! This happen at the gause rd Slidell  Store in Louisiana .


    i will be posting this on every blog I can so you don’t get treated like we did!


    Sincerely upset customer


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