URGENT Support - SIM NOT Supported - IPHONE 6s Plus


    Dear Colleagues,

    My name is Ahmed Wahdan, i am from Egypt.

    I am seeking for your kind assist further my case, i am really hopeless of what happen with me.

    The case start with my Iphone 6s Plus during i had a call the mobile shut down alone and no way to work again. i went to best buy to inform them that this is my case, at the end they informing me that i will need to pay amount like i will buy new iphone 6s plus, of course i left the shop and contact apple support immediately and after one month with a a lot of calls here and there.

    Finlay i got exception to change the phone with new one. Thanks god i already had now the new one - But the problem now this iphone while i try to activated i put the SIM card and not working, i back again to apple support and they informing me that the i phone is locked by T-Mobile and will not unlock my phone until i contact T-Mobile, Please check the below message which i received from Apple;


    " Case Number: 100303053892 Dear Ahmed,   Thank you for calling AppleCare.   Kindly be noted that after checking on device details with the American carrier that was locking the older unit before, The carrier replied that device was unlocked with unauthorized action and refused to let us proceed with unlocking the new device. Please try to contact the carrier company owned the old device to help unlocking it so we can proceed with the request."


    For more clarification; i am not who is bought this phone from T-Mobile USA & i bough from Egypt here as new one and i didn't aware with all of this actions will be happen.


    My request now from T-Mobile USA to help me and active my new phone to able work here in Egypt, It dosen't make any sens that i had NEW METAL in my hand!


    Please take my request as priority because this case take very long time at least three months and nothing working yet.


    Kind Regards,

    Ahmed Wahdan


    My Contact number is   +20106 565 7090

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