Free Iphone Upgrade + $300 off iPhone offer


    Here is my analysis on how to get the best price for an Iphone


    Since I joined tmobile this will be the first time I buy a new Iphone. The last time I bought a phone was a subsidized one through ATT so I’ve been doing research on the Iphone upgrade program. For comparison, I am using the Iphone 8 64 GB with device protection


    Tmobile: 0 down and 29.17 per month for the phone plus $12 a month for device protection = 0 down and 41.17 a month with device protection

    Apple: 0 down and 34.50 per month with device protection ability to upgrade every year


    Also T-Mobile has the Iphone upgrade program for free but that is good for people that don’t want protection. That is a good deal because the cost is just 29.17 a month compared to apple which is 29.12 a month without ability to upgrade every year.


    T-Mobile also has another great promo which is they will give me $300 for my iphone 6 over 24 months. That is a 12.5 monthly credit however there is a catch that if you upgrade your phone prior to those 24 months (ex within the year  which is allowed with the free iphone upgrade program) you will lose the monthly credit. However, if I play my cards right and don’t upgrade my iphone within the year the phone would come out to 28.67 with device protection on T-Mobile. Obviously once my 2 years is up it would no longer be beneficial for me to get my iphone through T-mobile but get a new one through  Apple. I also have the fear that the new 600 mhz band will work on next years Iphone and I will be tempted to upgrade.



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