Anyone get Gear S3 to sync fully?


    Anyone else having problems getting all the features to work together with their Gear S3?  Seems like I have two options with my Gear S3 / S8 combo using the "paired with Digits data". 

    Option 1: I can set everything up in a normal, intuitive fashion and it all works perfect while connected to the S8 via bluetooth (with the LTE always on).  But if I go out of range of my phone (like, for a run) then any text messages that I received since the last time it was standalone are sent to the watch again.  It's sort of irritating when I'm in the office and walk into someone else's office to chat for a minute and then get a bunch of text messages I had already gotten.

    Option 2: Use the watch full time in standalone mode.  But then I lose out on push notifications from other apps, like my Nest cam or Outlook calendar.  Plus, the S-Health data isn't sync'd over the mobile network, so I would lose out on this too. 

    Does anybody know if there is a way to get the best of both worlds?  Or am I missing something in my current setup that would allow these pieces to work together a little nicer??

    Thank you.

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