LG G6 won't charge, says moisture detected when dry. What to do?


    I've had my LG G6 for a little over two months, and have had zero problems. But starting a few days ago, my device has started vibrating every two seconds, saying that moisture has been detected in the charge port. When I try to plug it in, it won't let me charge. To make matters worse, the phone has bootlooped on me twice! I've heard horror stories about past G-series devices bootlooping, but was led to believe LG had fixed this with the G6.


      Let me be clear: I have not exposed this phone to water at any point in my ownership. No splashes, spills, or submersion. I find it highly convenient that these issues should arise just as I am nearing the end of the 90-day warranty...

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey, magenta2732950! I've only seen this notice on my own G6 after accidentally dropping it in the sink while doing dishes -- I let it dry out for a few hours and then everything was fine. If your G6 hasn't been exposed to liquid, then this is definitely a situation we'd like to have you work with us to look into a replacement.
        Just to be clear, if purchased from T-Mobile, we offer a supplemental one year warranty, and the manufacturer offers a one year warranty as well. In the case of the G6, LG is actually offering the opportunity to register for a second year! You can find out more about that here: LG G6: Register for a Complimentary Second Year Warranty. Have you already replaced your device? How are things going?


        - Marissa

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        • tmo_mike_c

          Hi there!


          Were you able to get this taken care of? Please let us know if you've replaced the phone or if the link above helped. Thanks!

          • tmo_mike_c

            Hi there again!


            Have you taken a look at Marissa's post? Please give us a reply back and let us know if you still need help Thanks!

            • crazygreekdude

              Any fix for this. I ran a system update for my mom the other day and she told me her phone was not charging. Has not seen moisture at all but it's getting this moisture issues. Been 2 days now!!!! At one point I plugged it in to my computer and it started charging fine. Really slow though. After 2 hrs it went from 2% to 20%. Now it's doing the same thing. Wireless charging is not even working. If I turn the phone off it will charge to about 3% or 4% then the phone turns on by itself!!!! What is this? has to be some software issue. I've used 2 different wireless chargers that work with my phone. 3 different cables and about 4 different charger bricks.


              Current software version is H87211e

                • crazygreekdude

                  I just got really frustrated with the phone just now. I jiggled the cable pretty bad while it was plugged into the phone. All of a sudden it is working now!!!! Moisture Icon disappeared and it shows 1hr 54min until fully charged. Odd. I'll be keeping an eye on this. really weird. Makes zero sense. Guess this is the last LG phone we are buying. This and the Pixel 2 XL and other LG phones just have issues. Samsung as well with our S7 Edges. Pink Lines of death. Too high of a failure rate.

                • zealotwraith

                  Im sorry to hear about your phone,


                  Another thing I can sugest is to try using a wireless charger, maybe at a store they will let you "test or try" it.


                  or if you dont want to do an insurance claim, mabe going through LG's repair center will get it fixed for a cheaper price LG Request Repair Service | LG U.S.A

                  • magenta4134418

                    I am having same problem. Phone has been no where near water. LG has an issue with this phone. Someone should start a class action suit on this phone.

                      • dragon1562

                        I would call LG to get it exchanged personally. LG was know for having manufacturing issue with the G6 especially. I'm surprised by your problems with Samsung as generally speaking I have never had problems with the exception of the note4. Which Samsung did right by on that front as well. Now granted there Software updates are lackluster and its frustrating. Anyway as a fellow custmor I just wanted to say sorry this is happening to you and should the issue arrise again you may want to try a factory reset or a soft reset. Even safe mode might be a worthy tool to trouble shoot the issue as it sounds like a mix of  software related and hardware.

                      • magenta3128589

                        Find USB settings app


                        The apps are listed alphabetically.

                        Tap USB settings to open the App info page for this app.

                        Clear cache and clear data for USB settings.


                        Hope that works

                        • magenta4134418

                          USB settings are not listed in the apps section even with system apps showing. None of the recommendations are fixing the issue. Its hardware related

                          • magenta3128589


                            • USB tethering [On/Off]


                            My bad.


                            Clean Charging port really well

                            Try plugging into USB port on computer and Change to "Charge" not file transfer.

                            Try different charging cord


                            Clear Cashe....

                            1. From the home screen, tap Apps > Settings.
                            2. If using Tab view, select the General tab.
                            3. Tap Storage > Internal storage.
                            4. Wait for the menu options to finish calculating.
                            5. Tap Cached data > CLEAR.
                            6. Wait for the cached data to clear; depending on size, it will take several seconds to complete.
                            7. When complete, the storage screen refreshes and Cached data shows as 0 B. This means your cached data has been successfully cleared.


                            Last Resort...


                            Master reset from settings menu

                            1. Back up data on the internal memory.
                            2. From any home screen, taps Apps > Settings.
                            3. If using Tab view, select the General tab.
                            4. Tap Backup & reset.
                            5. Select or clear the following check boxes:
                              • Back up my data
                              • Automatic restore
                            6. Tap Backup account and follow the steps to create a Google backup account.
                            7. Tap Factory data reset.
                            8. Review the warning message, then select or clear Erase SD card.
                            9. Tap RESET PHONE.
                            10. Enter PIN, if prompted, then tap OK.
                            11. Tap Delete all > RESET.
                            • hourcanpus

                              I'm having the exact same issue. Phone has been in the driest enviornment  including in rice. Will very randomly work tho

                              • lgg6hansen

                                I'm having this problem and none of the solutions had worked then I tried the clear app cache and now my phone completely died and won't turn back on. Please help!

                                • magenta5057044

                                  Same issue with my LG6 . never been anywhere near water. Tried the safe mode thing. no change.

                                  This is obviously an LG phone defect!

                                  Does LG or T-Mobile offer any support to its customers?

                                  • tmo_marissa

                                    Hey there! It looks like there has been some recent activity on this older thread, so I wanted to check back in here and see how things are going. We don't currently have any known issues with the G6's moisture detection, but since a few of you have mentioned that you haven't noticed your device actually getting wet before this prompt is popping, we're reaching out to see.
                                    So that we can report all details to our contacts who work with LG, do you mind letting us know what troubleshooting has been completed? Specifically, if you have enough power to do so, has anyone had the opportunity to try a Master Reset or booting in Safe Mode with any luck? Have you tried connecting the device to more than one charging cable?
                                    Thanks in advance for your feedback!

                                      • robbandsueroome

                                        I would like to add that my phone is also having the same problem.  Was fine up until 2 days ago when the moisture detection started to show up and now the phone wont charge at all.  I was told by TMobile that I would have to pay the $175 for a new phone or use my JUMP feature for the same price, only to start over with a new payment.  I am very disappointed by the chat I received from LG, they didnt seem to care, and even denied that there have been any problems with this phones moisture detection.  I am very frustrated in knowing that I will not be with a phone as I cant even trade this thing in if I wanted to!  PLEASE HELP!  I have tried all I can to get this thing to work.  I only hope LG steps up (and TMobile) to help with the problem!

                                        • magenta3638934

                                          Had to have never had my LG G6 in water at all but there are habitual problems with it saying there's moisture in the charging port which I keep clean and also often very slow charging there are definitely charging issues such that I'm almost not able to use my device anymore

                                        • mrdiscgolf

                                          Thought I would Post My experience with this:

                                          To fix it:

                                          1: Go to Apps>Configure Apps (3 dots menu in upper right corner)>Special access>Modify system settings>Show system (3 dots menu in upper right corner)>LG System server - turn off "Allow write system settings"


                                          2: Apps>Show system (3 dots menu in upper right corner)>LG System server - Turn on "Silent"


                                          Of course, you must be 100% sure that is false message about moisture in USB port.


                                          Your Welcome

                                          • yophones

                                            This started happening to me as well.... Seems very suspicious but it will definitely be the last LG I'll ever purchase. Anyways the way I was able to fix it was using a toothpick with alcohol swabs and cleaning the USB port. There was some dirt particles around it that I was able to remove and its been fixed since then. Hope this is an easy fix for you as it was for me.

                                            • magenta5160139

                                              This is likely not a software issue. I had this same issue. The phone obviously has some fault detection incorporated in it's software. It was put in place to keep you from frying your phone if it gets wet, so it's probably not a good idea to override the feature in your settings. My phone hadn't been around any moisture either when it was throwing this error. I shined a light in the charging port and was able to see that there was some gunk on the pins that must have been shorting them together, and causing the phone to think there was moisture inside. I took a tooth pick and flattened the point with a pair of pliers and carefully (I can't stress the word "carefully" enough) cleaned the gunk off of the pins. It fixed the problem. If you try this yourself MAKE SURE YOU USE A TOOTHPICK OR SOMETHING ELSE THAT IS NON-CONDUCTIVE.

                                              • callmemaybe

                                                I have the same issue as everyone else.  Annoying, and it sounds like a continuing known issue that really needs to be fixed.  I've had my phone just over 1 year and this shouldn't be happening.  My phone had the moisture notification warning as well although there hasn't been any water near it at any time.  The warning happened on and off in prior months but it's just gone crazy today.   I've powered off and restarted and that helped early on too.  Today, my phone simply wouldn't charge anymore and the repeating notifications of USB moisture were really hard to take.  After reading most of the replies here, I tried restarting the phone in safe mode and that seems to have worked enough to allow me to charge it. The downside is that many of the apps I use are not there - so that's not going to work ongoing.  I just took it off safe mode to see if the issue came back - it's been about 20 minutes and so far it hasn't come back. 


                                                I guess we'll see how it goes.  If it continues, how do I get a replacement?   Thank you.

                                                • timid10

                                                  Same problem.  LG G6 showing these moisture detected errors.  Started two days ago.  Gave it 24 hours under the presumption that perhaps there could have been some condensation in the port.  Phone has not been exposed directly to water.  Error message happens randomly without any pattern.  I suspect that if it has not self-corrected already, then it will only get worse over time.  Phone is 6 months old.  Been very pleased with phone, but disappointed with this latest development.  (I ditched my LG G5 because its GPS failed, which I chalked up as a fluke.) 


                                                  It appears that there has been an influx of these observed problems in the last couple of months.  Hopefully, T-Mobile/LG will recognize that these are NOT coincidental problems but indicate a systemic flaw that needs to be addressed.

                                                  • buckeyesean

                                                    My G6 has been doing this periodically for the last 2 months. Last night it stopped completely from charging. When I called T Mobile support, I got the same generic script read answers as everyone else. Matter of fact, after reading this post, I now know the "Tech Support Specialist" was simply giving me solutions already suggested from this exact string of posts. Really T mobile, if your going to label someone with a professional title, at least make sure they actually know how to trouble shoot. Any dim wit can read from your own web site (obviously, since he was doing so last night.)


                                                    Heres a real solution so you people, like me, who were left empty handed by T mobile and LG.


                                                    Turn off your phone, if its completely dead, plug it in. Hold down the 2 side volume buttons AND the power button until the screen comes on showing a white screen with 2 bar codes. These bar codes will show your EMIE# as well as your serial#. Leave your phone alone, its charging. Unfortunately its powered off but if you wait a couple hours or do this before bed, when you wake, your phone will be fully charged.


                                                    I was told by T Mobile, my only solution was to pay $175 for a insurance claim to replace the phone, then I could trade it in on the JUMP program and pay the JUMP fee. T Mobile would not allow me to jump with my phone in this condition because its defective...although the tech guy was telling me it wasnt defective...or was it a software issue?...or is it a bad charger?....or was it the fact that I got it wet some how...even though I was no where near ANY water?...


                                                    I called LG today and they told me its not a software issue on their end, its a update that is required, OREO 8.0...its not available yet on T Mobile....but wait...its not a software issue....?


                                                    I filed a claim, yelled at the lady a lot because she was the only one I could yell at now...I have a replacement being sent to me which cost me $100 but I have no idea when. So...in the mean time, I'll charge the way I said everyone else can charge. I refuse to give ANY MORE money to T Mobile by buying a wireless charger. I will NOT buy another LG phone, AND I am talking to Verizon and AT&T today about switching over to them. T Mobile....Your tech support SUCKS! Your phone plans SUCK! Your scripted customer service SUCKS! Your losing customers because YOU SUCK!! Take some responsibility and take care of your customers! Get LG to take some responsibility as well. You wont...you never do...big business....this is what the world has come to...


                                                    Good luck people

                                                    • bswain88

                                                      Been having the same issue with my G7 Thin Q. Not unique to the G6. Apparently its happening to different models. One thing I did was turn my phone off. Plug the charger in for 3 seconds. Then turn it back on. It may be a system glitch. Mind you, I have not dropped it in water or exposed it to moisture. It will still charge while phone is off so I dont believe it's a hardware issue.

                                                      • jimmp55

                                                        My LG g6 won't charge say's that there is moisture. it hasn't been around any moisture at all and no the battery is completely dead.. So any of the solutions mentioned ( master reset ,etc) won't work..Any Help. A new phone is defineatly out of the budget.

                                                        • snbauser

                                                          Mine is doing the same thing.  Started about a week ago when I was on vacation.  My phone has not been near any water.  It worked fine one day and then next morning I had the message.  The only way I can get it to go away is to boot it with holding the power button and volume down button while it is plugged in.  It will shut down, restart and give me the moisture message telling me to unplug my cable. I unplug the cable and flip the cable over and plug it back in and most of the time it charges.  And no, it doesn't matter which way the cable is plugged in at first.  Sometimes I have to do this process 2 or 3 times to get it to charge.  Unfortunately the message comes back shortly after I unplug it but at least it charges this way.  I still have another 8 months before this one is paid off.  I really don't want to have to get another phone but we are going away again in a week and I really don't want to be dealing with this issue while on vacation.

                                                          • defectivedetective

                                                            T-Mobile wake up! This is obviously a known issue!

                                                            This is my 2nd LG G6 (now technically G6ThinQ) with the exact same charging issue. The first was replaced under warranty. Now this one will be too. Both phones failed less then 8 mths after receipt. I've tried every single step listed multiple times. I've called T-Mobile multiple times. T-Mobile is more interested in trying to force me into an Upgrade then address the real issue. T-Mobile is selling defective LG G6 phones! Do not buy this phone from T-Mobile!

                                                            • magenta5837290

                                                              Yeah this is a bad issue. I can either trade mine in on jump, go through insurance (yeah right) or get it repaired at my cost. I can charge it on wireless but it's not what I want. I want it to work as sold. I don't like it.

                                                              • magenta5912817

                                                                My phone started doing this a week ago and it keeps getting worse. I restart my phone every time I need to charge it. Once I unplug it the moisture alerts start and won't stop. I've done the master reset and tried other cords.

                                                                • magenta2526082

                                                                  Same problem here. My wife has an identical phone purchased at the same time, and she's actually dropped hers in water before. She hasn't had the problem. Mine has never touched a drop of water and now I can't charge it. I've rebooted in safe mode, and the error message still comes up. I just cleared out my cache, and I might try a factory reset, but I'd really rather not. Any thoughts?

                                                                  • stevep3681

                                                                    Just started having this issue with my phone too. 10 months old. Never, ever, ever been wet...


                                                                    Worked fine Saturday, Sunday morning at 3am it woke me up telling me moisture was detected, while it was on my nightstand, plugged into the charger.


                                                                    I have to have reliable phone for work - I'm on call 24/7, so constantly having to fiddle with it to try and keep a charge isn't going to work.


                                                                    Tried disabling Moisture Detection - no joy
                                                                    Tried cleaning the USB port - no joy
                                                                    Tried 4 different charging cables - no joy
                                                                    Tried 3 different chargers - no joy


                                                                    My previous died with battery charging issues which wasnt resolved by a new battery.
                                                                    This one is dying with usb charging issues.
                                                                    Starting to think there is an LG systemic issue here.


                                                                    I guess I'll have to go up to the T-Mobile store and see what my options are - maybe it's time to talk to the Verizon/Sprint/At&T people too. I'm certainly not going to pay $175 deductible to fix a phone that is still under warranty, that is only 10 months old.

                                                                    • tammyevans

                                                                      LG G6 won't charge, says moisture detected when dry. What to do?

                                                                      I have been having this problem now for 2days. It has never gotten wet. I tried using different charges. I can not get into settings battery is only t 3 percent and will not allow me to do anything. When I have it powered off trying to charge, it keeps turning itself on. I thought I could replace the battery with a fully charged one. But I read I can not replace battery myself. What do I need to do. This is my business phone!

                                                                      • magenta6164223

                                                                        I can't take credit for this as I found the answer though Reddit a few months back. You may have dust/dirt in your charge port which is triggering the moisture detection. Try folding up some paper and running it through the charge port area. You could also try running an alcohol pad through there. It worked for my phone like a charm.

                                                                          • mendonka

                                                                            I had the same issue.  The phone hadn't been exposed to water but I kept getting the phone cannot charge moisture detected warning.  I went to Reddit and I probably read the same Reddit post you did, lol.  I used a toothpick to help me run an alcohol cleaning pad around the usb port a few time, each time using a clean part of the pad.  Then I waited a few minutes for the alcohol to evaporate and viola!   The phone is now charging without issues.  Dirt and pocket lint mixed with an incredibly humid day seems to have been the culprit.

                                                                          • saga211

                                                                            Well theres a simple way disable this feature. BUT MAKE SURE ITS ACTUALLY DRY!!!


                                                                            Its the most simple way. First you have to know your model of your phone. To check go to settings>general>about phone>hardware info uder that will say model name and number mines a lg-h932 so fon mines i will use 932


                                                                            So now go to your original phone dialer

                                                                            On it put in


                                                                            Once you type it exactly *make sure you type your model number mines happens to be 932*

                                                                            A menu will pop up. Navigate down to (svc menu)

                                                                            Then after going in there go all the way down and look for moisture detection function and click on it and disable it.

                                                                            After that phone will reset and will work just fine.

                                                                            Now after that leave it for a day to be safe or completely leave it off. But i suggest turn it on again. Same process.

                                                                            DO NOT CHANGE ANY OTHER VALUE IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!!! You may brick your phone

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