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Worst customer service


    I pre-ordered the Note 8 from tmobile August 26, 2017. The phone according to UPS was delivered on September 8, 2017 and was left at my door. Which I never received. The next day I called tmobile, and told them about the situation. They had me call and open up an investigations claim with UPS, which I did. That report was made September 14, 2017. I have called back, numerous times to tmobile and I have to explain my situation over and over again when I call. The representatives have not been able to fix my situation. It was not my fault the phone was lost, reason why I pay tmobile for my service. It's almost a month into this matter, and I still see no response. I am left with no option, but to cancel service with this provider. It has been a frustrating matter, with no resolution. I have maxed out my patience, in dealing with this issue. Representatives need more training some have no idea, of what they are doing. Now for an unknown reason I see numerous activity of different phone orders on my account, and still no Samsung Note 8. So if anyone reads this comment, please be advised of how they do business. I am a customer of tmobile, not a customer of UPS. Why would I have to wait, on UPS to conclude their investigation? The worst experience ever, with a cell phone provider! To make matters worse, I just received a new bill where I am being charged 40.00 dollars for financing a phone; I have not received. 

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