MMS/SMS with Nexus 6P Running Oreo


    Since Android 7.0 I have been having issues on both my Nexus 6P in regards to MMS/SMS. 


    I have contacted both T-mobile and Google about the issues I have been having.

    I worked with T-mobile engineers as well as Google Engineers.  Still I am getting spinning texts, expired texts, and missed texts. 


    It's somewhat frustrating since these days text is the main communication medium. 


    Things I have tried:

    • Reset APN
    • Reset Phone
    • Safe Mode
    • Sim change
    • WIFI off/on
    • data off/on
    • different Google Factory Roms


    MMS/SMS issues with both my Nexus 6p. 


    T-mobile says get a different phone and Google says find a different carrier.  That's easier said than done when you one has already invested money into two phones that should work.


    Anyone else having these issues?


    Text over WIFI works intermittently.

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      • gramps28

        Re: MMS/SMS with Nexus 6P Running Oreo

        Out of curiosity what does Oreo have to do with this issue or are you hoping

        it fixes the issue.

          • magenta2466327

            Re: MMS/SMS with Nexus 6P Running Oreo

            Oreo is the current build I am running and it is important in that the settings may differ from previous versions of Android.


            After speaking with Google I was hoping Oreo would fix the issues I was having if it was a software issue on my end.


            I really think my issues are on the T-Mobile implementation side.

            • magenta2466327

              Re: MMS/SMS with Nexus 6P Running Oreo

              gramps28 tmo_marissa


              I went into the T-mobile store to look at APN settings of the Google Pixel on display to see if it looked like mine (was no longer on display).  So the only other phone that showed the Network Mode was the LG G6.  The Network Mode was set to GSM/WCDMA/LTE auto.


              When I dial *#*#4636*#*#  my carrier settings is LTE/CDMA/UMTS auto (PRL).  The next closed thing is LTE/UMTS auto (PRL).  There is also an option for GMS only, LTE only, and LTE/WCDMA.  Can this be causing me issues?

                • tmo_lauren

                  Re: MMS/SMS with Nexus 6P Running Oreo

                  There's definitely a possibility.


                  I unfortunately don't have a ton to offer with this being such a new OS and not carrying the Nexus 6P.  


                  We may need to go ahead and file a trouble ticket on your behalf which can be done through customer service if you've still been unable to find a resolution. I've been searching and haven't seen any similar reports to yours, so a TT may find something on the back end!



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                    • magenta2466327

                      Re: MMS/SMS with Nexus 6P Running Oreo

                      I purchased a T-mobile branded LG G6 as recommended by Google to replace my Nexus 6P.  I have been using the phone since 9/30/17. 



                      In the carrier settings I have noticed that it is running on GSM/WCDMA/LTE auto and in addition to the T-mobile LTE APN it has something called Edge MMS/XCAP tmus APN that doesn't have a radio selection.  Nexus 6P doesn't have this. 



                      I have also noticed the LG G6 has an option to show someone I am actively texting them ( i turned that off).



                      As far as spinning sms/mms I am seeing less than with 6P. 



                      I still am getting texts that fail to receive.  They just sit there loading.  I am also getting something new that says sender cancelled.  When I ask sender they say they didn't cancel nor see a button that lets them cancel text. 



                      IMO it maybe T-mobile needs a tower in this area.  I looked on T-mobile towers and it doesn't show a tower in my city.  There is a whole 15 mile radius in my area that doesn't show a T-mobile tower.  Maybe there are shared towers that T-mobile towers website doesn't show. 



                      I have attached pictures to show you.  I tried running bug report to send to Google but this isn't a bug.



                      • magenta2466327

                        Re: MMS/SMS with Nexus 6P Running Oreo

                        I think a trouble ticket probably best next step since I have done everything I could possibly do on my side. 

                  • magenta2466327

                    Re: MMS/SMS with Nexus 6P Running Oreo

                    Today I am texting back in forth in a group thread.  Both people on T-mobile.  One has Note 4 and one has a LG G5 (both t-mobile branded phones).


                    Having issues were I have to keep touching download on picture texts even though I have auto download mms. 


                    Is there a way to look into why these mms messages aren't downloading? 


                    Again it might be network signal strength. 


                    But even in the City I still get this issue.  I know MMS uses mobile data so in slow data areas these mms texts get hung up. 

                      • dragon1562

                        Re: MMS/SMS with Nexus 6P Running Oreo

                        So I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that its probably just a software bug. When I first got my Nexus 6p running marshmallow I remember have a similar issue with text. It was well known and fixed with future updates. If I had to guess I would say it is the current build being buggy. The bad news is that you will need to wait for a fix from google or try and do a clean install to see if it resolves the issue. I would specifically go back to the most stable build you can remember and see what happens.


                        The other thing you could do is try another phone that is Android and see what happens. If it also has the same issue then you know that it is T-mobile network messing up which could be possible as it has happened with me on people like AT&T for no apparent reason but less likely. Since if it was the case more people would be calling in.

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                          • magenta2466327

                            Re: MMS/SMS with Nexus 6P Running Oreo

                            After switching to the LG G6 and still experiencing issues I think it is the service in the area. 


                            I have 2 6P lines on T-mobile having same issues. 


                            Sometimes texting works super fast and other times if fails to send/receive. 


                            Really wish MMS would work over WIFI with no data signal.  That way I could just run on WiFi indoors. 


                            I think I have exhausted all my resources to continue troubleshooting this issue. 


                            I am not sure how many people have the issue but aren't as vocal as me or patient to try and fix. 

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