International Wifi calling on One Plus 5 not working?


    It's officially confirmed that the One Plus 5 supports US T-Mobile wifi calling but I'm trying to use the international wifi calling since I am outside of the US at the moment.

    Data works fine for me and I can make and receive calls over cellular network, but even though the wifi calling is enabled and set to 'wifi preffered' it doesn't show the VoWiFi icon in the status bar while I'm on wifi.


    Please if anyone has any info or solution...


    Thanks in advance!!

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      • tidbits

        Your best option is to contact OnePlus since they are selling their phones unlocked and out of the hands of T-mobile they can't test nor troubleshoot the problem.  It's something only OnePlus can do.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Hey, mety333! Not sure if you're still travelling, but if so, I hope you're having a good time! tidbits's suggestion here is pretty on point -- when it comes to devices we don't retail, our troubleshooting ability is a little limited. Were you able to get in touch with support from OnePlus and get to the bottom of this?


          - Marissa

          • tmo_marissa

            Happy Wednesday, mety333! Just dropping by here to see if OnePlus was able to point you in the right direction with this. How are things going for you?


            - Marissa

            • tmo_mike_c

              Hello there!


              Just stopping in to see if you contacted the folks at OnePlus and got an answer on using Wi-Fi. Please come back and let us know. This could be really helpful for other folks that may have the same question. Thank you.

                • vshah3

                  Hi, I have one plus 5 and WIFI calling works extremely well while I am in the US. However, while I was travelling internationally (India, Dubai and Abu Dhabi), WIFI calling would not work at all. I cannot imagine it being a phone issue as this feature works while I am here in the US (where I dont need it as the tmobile signal is strong where I use it the most). The same SIM if I plug into my Samsung Note 5 (bought from t-mobile that is now unlocked), wifi calling works. Same sim when inserted in a brand new Note 5 not bought from t-mobile, wifi works stateside but not internationally.


                  I have read in a few forums that t-mobile requires there be a VoLTE coverage in order to allow Wifi calling, which does not make sense.


                  So it seems that there is something that tmo needs to allow for WIFI calling (whether it is IP6 vs ip4 patching, which I read in one of the forums as well). Any thoughts on real technical reasoning why a phone with wifi calling works in the US but not internationally?