Barely activated my phones and already disgruntled


    I recently ordered the BOGO Note8 and an iphone (3 lines total) for a new account with tmobile. I called in the order via telephone in order to use my member01 code and the representative was very helpful during the call getting what I needed. After everything was completed he sent me an email to sign confirming the agreement and phone costs. Shortly after it was signed he confirmed receipt via docusign but notified me it was all jumbled and something had error-ed on Tmobiles side. He then said he would have to re-key the order as the first one would not go through due to this error? I asked if this would double charge me etc and he assured me it would not as the order would get cancelled. He then sent me another finalized signature invoice which I signed again. This time he said it went through and everything was kosher! The following day I got a call from my bank stating their might had been fraudulent charges as there were two charges exactly the same from tmobile. I took a look at my bank account and there were two $620 pre authorization holds from Tmobile. I immediately called the phone rep and asked if this was an error and the second charges would just be cancelled/not released and he assured me they would as the 1st erroneous error would not process. Well lets take a wild guess on what i received in the mail today? Two orders of the same equipment, aka 4 notes and 2 iphones. I called back the Tmobile phone number and they informed me I would now have to call 1-800-672-5390 in order to request a UPS label to send them back. I now have to wait almost 2 WEEEEEEKS before I can receive my second charges back from Tmobile as it is a 3-4 shipping time and at least 7 days for them to process it.


    I can tell you one thing.....this is definitely not the way to start off with a new customer and I am definitely considering sending back all the phones and taking my plans elsewhere.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Oh goodness, leviathanxx, I'm inclined to agree -- this is definitely not the start we want for any new customer. I can't speak to what sort of error we encountered that made us believe we needed to complete a second order, but I'm so sorry that this played out this way. If refusing shipping/return to sender for the erroneous second order was not an option, were we able to email you a return label when you reached out to the toll free number you mentioned?

        We want to make sure that this is being handled for you so that the return can be processed as quickly as possible, and so that we can make sure that any unnecessary lines of service are closed out for a no install cancellation ASAP when the equipment return and refund are processed. Are you active on social media by any chance? Our T-Force team on Twitter or Facebook can take a look at this brand new account and make sure that we've got everything on track for you from here on out so that we can correct our mistake -- ideally, as painlessly for you as possible. While we can't look into the account from here, we can absolutely forward the feedback about this experience, and are happy to answer any general questions you may have! I know this mistake is terribly inconvenient and not a great trust-builder, so please let us know if there's anything else we can do to assist from the Support Community. Were you bringing lines from another carrier? Are you planning on participating in any promotions we could help navigate for you?


        - Marissa

        • miket

          And make sure you contact credit card company to "cntest" 2nd charge.

          • tmo_marissa

            Hey there, leviathanxx. I just wanted to check in here and see how things were going. Did you have the opportunity to work with T-Force? Were we able to get a return label emailed to you? I hope you're doing OK - please keep us posted!


            - Marissa

            • tmo_chris

              How are things going? Have you spoke with T-Force yet?