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T-Mobile is unethical I hope u read this


    Let me tell you how bad t-mobile has done me now as of today 9/26/17 il be contacting my lawyer.  I have been a customer for 7 yrs with T-mobile let me tell you how dirty this company not only has done me and fraudulently and I hope everybody listens up.  Back in March 2017, I get a collection notice from a collection agency in Florida for like $217 I call Tmobile to find out why well when I switched to a family account the money I paid was not for my last bill even though the agent who put me on the new family plan said it was.  So I'm talking to agent said ok I talked to my supervisor were going to call over to the agency this will take about a week to get the collection back from them you pay us the $177 you don't have to pay us the whole amount minus $40 because that was their fee.  The agent said call us back in a week once we get the collection back pay the T-mobile remaining balance and once u pay the balance will be taken off your credit report yes they reported it to my credit I was livid.  I call back in a week I pay the bill 30 days later the collections is off my credit report. Not even a month later a $40 collections go on my credit I'm absolutely livid I have very good credit.  So I call back again get a supervisor tel her the whole situation again told her the tmobile agent never said anything I had to pay the extra $40 from collection agency, u guy's lied to me I told the supervisor pull the recording of when i called supervisor says ok il pull the call record it will take me about 3 hours this was on a Friday night I called around 7:15 central time well the lady calls back like at 11:30pm, I was asleep she left a message that the recording didn't mention the $40 and that she had to move it to another department. oh gee great i had not heard back for a week i get another agent and supervisor said he will send in some paperwork get the $40 taken care of and itr will be taken off credit it takes 30 days per the agent also on the recording if they pull the tapes.  3 weeks go by nothing still on my credit then i get a hold of resolution dept spoke to a Charles do not have the operator # on me but at home he said he has to fill out some paperwork to get this removed he said il try u back in a week i told him i want this off my credit.  I talk to an agent yesterday she says they can't get the $40 removed.I told this lady at T-Mobile don't u guys read notes do u im talking about my credit this has been going on since March 2017 it is now Sept 2017 6 months. I ask to speak to supervisor again well sir nobody is here i can have someone call u back in 24 hours do u think i have a call yet not that it matters because of a customer that has been with t-mobile for over 7 years has spent thousands and thousands of dollars been a loyal customer for 7 years to not only lie to you on 3 occasions that this would be removed from your credit and over $40 collection fee.  It is disgraceful, fraudulent, has taken so much of my time and this is the way u treat a loyal customer i hope everybody reads this im going to continue to post this on other social media sights I don't want this to happen to anybody else on the poor service and the lie's i have been told.  I have retained an attorney to get my good credit back and once i get this cleared up you will have lost a customer who spends $160 a month. An absolute disgrace how T-Mobile has handled this and 4 different storys that came back nothing getting resolved after 2 agents and 2 supervisors said this would not be on my credit.  Anybody has any questions please feel free to contact me...




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        Ouch, magenta2290990, this is not pleasant to read. To be honest, the outside collections fee is not typically able to be waived -- it's assessed to cover the cost of collecting balances owed. If we advised you otherwise, we absolutely dropped the ball, and I'm very sorry.
        Since our Support Community is a public user forum, we don't have the secure account access necessary to review this matter ourselves. That said, we'd like to ensure that we've taken all possible measures to review this issue for you and see what opportunities there are to resolve your concern. It seems that you've reached out to our Care team on numerous occasions - and the solution team you mention are definitely among the highest available tiers of support - but I'd like to see if anything else can be done. I'm going to send you a private message in a few moments, if you would be so kind as to take a peek in your inbox. Thank you.


        - Marissa