Digits isn't syncing read status of texts of calls




    Starting a month or two ago with my S8, Digits stopped syncing read status of phone calls and texts. The calls and texts themselves sync fine, its just the read status that doesn't. Previously, this worked totally fine.


    I am currently using a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, T-Mobile (up-to-date) and the stock messenger and phone app.


    I am not using duplicate SIMs. I have activated the built-in multi-line service.


    When I receive or place a telephone call with the phone, the Windows app marks the calls as "missed calls" - no matter if I missed the call, answered it, or even placed an outgoing call. If I do miss a call and "read" it on the Windows app, the phone still marks it as a missed call.


    If I'm texting with the windows app, every incoming text is marked as unread on the phone. The texts themselves sync fine, but the read status doesn't.


    This is very irritating. Can anyone shed some light on how to fix this?


    Thank you very much!



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      • debjitjdv

        Re: Digits isn't syncing read status of texts of calls



        What you are seeing the correct behavior. There is no sync of read status across the S8 and DIGITS apps (especially Windows app as of now) and calls will be marked as missed to Windows app even if you answer it in S8. The reason is to Windows app, it seems that you never answered. Similarly if you answer in Windows DIGITS app, you will see S8 will mark it as 'Answered Remotely'. I am not sure if that what DIGITS dev team intended but what you are seeing is absolutely what everyone else sees as well.

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          • aywe



            Thank you for confirming that this is "normal" operation. I'm just confused, as it used to sync read status, and after some additional experimentation, I found out that read status syncs one way - if I read a text on my phone, the windows app updates it with read - but not vice versa.


            This seems unusual and contrary to the goal of DIGITS. I don't want to need to pick up my phone and clear the text notification manually when I'm texting on my computer. That is the exact opposite of what is needed.


            Anyway, thanks for confirming I'm not the only one. Hopefully a T-Mobile rep will chime in and confirm this is the intended behavior (and hopefully have an explanation, too!), or say they're working on a fix.