Wi-Fi Calling on KeyOne Limited Edition not working


    I have a KeyOne Limited Edition Black from India, a BBB100-7 in BlackBerry-speak.  This just came out last month.  It runs an identical Android OS to the silver KeyOne (BBB100-1).  The only technical difference between the international black and the normal silver KeyOne is that it has more memory, and is dual-sim (needed for work reasons).  BBB100-7 has the same band support as a BBB100-1.  I put in my T-Mobile SIM and general calling just works, band 12 works, texting works, data works, etc.  In most-every respect, it seems to be a fine T-Mobile citizen.


    However, *unlike* the silver KeyOne, Wi-Fi Calling doesn't work.  The KeyOne gets a REG90 error when attempting to sign in.  Wi-Fi Calling and VoLTE are checked on, but IMS services don't show up as being enabled.  I put this SIM in other devices, even those never formally supported by T-Mobile (e.g. BlackBerry Passport), and Wi-Fi Calling just works.  No, it's not a matter of missing e911 (which is what the T-Mobile call center folks think it is until proven otherwise).  It's a year old-SIM card, and supposedly an OTA update was pushed to it.  I've confirmed the IMEI is "clean", not on any blacklist.


    I'd really like to get Wi-Fi Calling working on this KeyOne, just like it works on older KeyOnes that do Wi-Fi Calling on T-Mobile just fine.  Sure, I can use DIGITS, but that's not the same.  Based on what I've read, the REG90 error means that *something* needs to happen at the T-Mobile end for this to work. I'd like to get my KeyOne's info added to whatever database T-Mobile uses to figure out how to provision IMS services.  Heck, maybe this KeyOne is new and exotic enough that it hasn't caught up with the carriers. 


    HELP!  Please advise!  Thanks!

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      • tmo_marissa

        Welcome, oconnormj! It's awesome to read that you were able to get WiFi calling working on one KeyOne, but I'm at a loss as to how to explain why it's not working on the new device. Wi-Fi Calling from T-Mobile with a T-Mobile SIM generally requires T-Mobile software, although as you've discovered with your original KeyOne and some of the other devices you've tested, some manufacturers have configured their equipment in such a way that this works even without being a T-Mobile branded device. Google equipment is a great example of this, as are iPhones that get a carrier bundle when activated on the network in order to get this functionality operable. BlackBerry may be able to best speak to the difference here, since with Non-T-Mobile phones we have limited knowledge of the inner workings of this functionality.  Please let us know what they say if you reach out to them!


        - Marissa

        • tmo_darren

          Hi Mike,


          As fate would have it I was investigating this exact issue and I have the answer.

          Unfortunately it is not the answer you are expecting.


          This version, the -7 was released for the India market and as such has no settings to allow connectivity to our IMS network (for VoLTE operation....and your WiFi calling).and unlike the operato APNs this is not something that can be configured to work.




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