Buy1Get1 GalaxyNote8 Bait&Switch


    If the sign reads BUY one GET one FREE then that is exactly what should happen.


    Instead we have BUY one GET one FREE*MAYBE with a checklist of BS stipulations


    I have a Note2 I bought new from T-Mobile. I've been with them ever since. I tried to upgrade to a Note7, went through 3 of them until the final recall.


    So, I go to the store on Saturday and I say I need an upgrade, so tell me about this Note8 promo.

    The sales guy says yeah, buy both of them and you get a card in about 4 months with the full price of the second one.

    I said thats all? No catches? He said nope, we are the un-carrier. So I said okay, lets do it!


    He starts adding up everything and the numbers do not look right so I asked him about it and then he says OHhh, you can't upgrade both lines (I have 4).

    I said what do you mean I cant upgrade them? He says I can upgrade 1 but I have to buy a new line for the second Note 8. Well my son already has a phone.

    I do not need any more lines. He says well, thats the promotion and then just stands there looking around. So I said, you didnt mention this when I asked you what all was involved. So My son who was with me said he doesnt care about getting a new number and we can just add his grandmother. FINE whatever..GRrr


    Lets he keeps typing away and comes back and my bill has jumped $70 not including the EIP. So again im like ummm WHY?

    The guy says again OHhh, you cant get the promo on the Simple Choice plan, you have to upgrade to the T-Mobile ONE plan.

    Yet again, I say but you didn't mention this to me when I asked you to explain the promotion.


    A TOTAL waste of my time. This put my bill in line to that of Verizon. I have a T-Mobile range extender because I have no service where I live. The range extender doesnt work that well. If I am going to pay a bill in line with Verizon then I should just switch since they actually DO have service where I am without a range extender.


    I come in to the store and get a bait and switch on the buy one get one FREE promotion. This is BS. I thought you guys were does with this no surprises crap!? Obviously NOT.



    Sales people think leaving out important details until the very end changes anything? All it does is frustrate the customer.

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      • magenta2466327

        Re: Buy1Get1 GalaxyNote8 Bait&Switch

        Yeah the deal sound great up front until you read the fine print.  If you need a new line and want to jump to T-mobile One then it is a great deal. 


        These deals are usually setup to attract new customers and to get old customers to move to the new plans they are promoting. 


        On the website they do show the fine print. 


        Talking to CSR at the store myself, they say since T-mobile has no contracts they recommend cancelling the line once the rebate comes in then pay off the phone like that.   In the meantime you have to eat about 3 months of payments on that line. 

        • stevetjr

          Re: Buy1Get1 GalaxyNote8 Bait&Switch

          I think Bait and Switch is a bit harsh of a description.  Bad sales person yup!!  But bait and switch, if you read the promo it's quite clear on that the "free" phone requires a new line.  I wasn't aware of the TMO One requirement but only read up to the requires new line part and went oh well not for me if I do this I will just do the one Note8.


          As for the range extender, do you also have a broadband internet connection at your home?  If so you might want to look at exchanging the range extender and have them send you an LTE Cellspot.  It works much better and essentially is an LTE cell tower that covers about 3,000 sq ft and just uses your broadband as it's backhaul and even if you are on a call on it and walk away and can get cell coverage the call will stay active.


          The other thing to look at is if your area is covered under Band 12 (700Mhz) which carriers much farther and penetrates buildings better.  When I moved a couple of years ago I had no coverage at my new place because the neighborhood is in a geographical bowl surrounded by trees.  But 2 months after moving here they turned Band 12 on in the Atlanta market and bingo I now have service.  The Note 2 doesn't support Band 12 but the Note 8 does.


          While not an official map of Band 12 it's pretty accurate;


          Map of T-Mobile's 700 MHz spectrum - Spectrum Gateway

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          • tmo_marissa

            Re: Buy1Get1 GalaxyNote8 Bait&Switch

            This is a huge bummer to read, glenn™. We should be making certain that the terms of a promotion are a good fit for a customer before walking them through these steps, not as we're going along -- and it definitely seems like these terms weren't the right fit for your account. I'm sorry for the time we took out of your day, and your son's. I can't imagine this was any easier after the Note7 rollercoaster ride.
            Regarding the coverage where you're located, I definitely think stevetjr makes a great point -- the LTE CellSpot is a newer coverage solution and can solve problems for a lot of users if your device is capable and you've got the home set up needs met. It's also a great point that an upgraded device may even pick up better coverage on its own.

            We definitely appreciate your time letting us know about the experience you had -- good or bad, we appreciate all feedback. If you'd be so inclined to share a little more, I'm going to shoot a PM your way, which you can check in your inbox in a few moments. Thank you again.


            - Marissa

              • magenta2466327

                Re: Buy1Get1 GalaxyNote8 Bait&Switch

                One thing to remember with the LTE cellspot is it does use your mobile broadband (if you have data cap).  In addition, depending how close your neighbors are, if they have TMobile there is a possibility they can connect to your cellspot and also use your home broadband data.


                I have yet to try the LTE cellspot for this reason.  I tried the wifi router and booster but those did not work.

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              • nelfar212

                Re: Buy1Get1 GalaxyNote8 Bait&Switch

                Glen contact customer ask asked to escalated up, so here's the thing Tmo need to make this right. The NOTE 8 BOGO was compatible with the Simple Choice Plans just go read the terms on the rebate page and click the recently expired promos. They will fix you just have to push a little bit to get it done.    

                • nelfar212

                  Re: Buy1Get1 GalaxyNote8 Bait&Switch

                  Also the checklist of stipulation's is to ensure Tmo mitigates fraud. Some will always try take advantage because the feel like companies can afford it.  

                  • glenn™

                    Re: Buy1Get1 GalaxyNote8 Bait&Switch

                    @Nelfar212, I do not feel like I should have to push at all. If they wanted to work with me then they would have. I am in the process of moving my 4 lines to another carrier by shopping deals. I plan to leave T-Mobile around December during all the promotions but thank you for your comments.

                    • nelfar212

                      Re: Buy1Get1 GalaxyNote8 Bait&Switch

                      No problem man, and I do understand because Like you, I feel that way about Sprint and AT&T they will never get a dime from me again. I had reported my phone lost and it was supposed to been shut off, I immediately filed a insurance claim well whom ever had my phone had a party and ran my phone bill up, I disputed the bill and Sprint refused to adjust my bill. The only reason I paid the bill was I was in the military at the time an I had to resolve the bill or my sec clearance would have been denied. AT&T funny it was due to a similar issue with a buy one get one deal, It was a fiasco what was interesting we had no issues with Cingular for 2 years the moment AT&T stepped in it was problem after problem, So I left and been with T-Mobile ever since and that was in 2007. Tmo had crappy coverage but had TOP notch customer service.  Coverage has dramatically improved over the years, However I've have seen changes in TMO customer svc, insofar as the call center reps have lost a lot of ability to make high dollar adjustments, and to correct orders on the spot. However, due to the completive nature almost anything can be done to satisfy us as customers those measures unfortunately have to approved from higher up. And I'm sure this is the case with any business customer service dept. But good luck to you. .