DIGITS Billing while roaming Internationally


    tmo_evan tmo_chris This looks to me an interesting question that popped out of my head. Here is the question:


    From the perspective of the phones which do not have DIGITS in-built  and uses OTT DIGITS app:


    If I make a call while I am in US from the DIGITS OTT app, then it dials the +1-413-417-XXXX number and the call gets connected.


    I am assuming the same thing is going to happen when I call from the DIGITS app and roaming internationally, say India.


    Now the question is if I am in Minutes and Data mode, then call will be routed via the SIM number i.e. while roaming internationally, the call to +1-413-417-XXXX number will be placed via the SIM number. Hence, if I am calling someone in the Simple Choice country, say a number in India while traveling to India, via a DIGITS T&T number originating from the DIGITS app,  which number will see the $0.20 per min charge for the call? The SIM number or the DIGITS T&T number or both? If its either of them that should be fine, but if it becomes both, then that's bad. Any comments?


    From the perspective of the phone having DIGITS in-built like Samsung S7 Edge:


    For this one I believe the answer is easy. It will be the DIGITS T&T number, but if not please suggest.

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