Kickback credit not being applied


    Has anyone else had trouble getting the kick back credit applied for eligible lines?

    I have 4 lines, 1 promotional and 3 regular, and T-MOBILE no longer will apply the Kickback credit for the regular lines.  The last chat (via their app) with customer service implied that the promotional line invalidates the eligibility of the regular lines.

    The few times they have applied the Kickback they doughnut apply the credit for the promotional line.

    Is it anyone else's experience that 1 promotional line invalidates the eligibility for the rest of the lines in their account?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Kickback credit not being applied

        Hmmm, magenta2730538 -- this doesn't sound right. I know that KickBack should give you up to ten dollars off of an eligible line (because if the line receives other discounts, then the amount off may be lower), but simply having an ineligible (free) line on your account shouldn't impact the others! If you're using less than 2GB of data on the other lines on your account, and the rate plan is eligible, we need to have a team with account access take a look at this and determine what's happening here. Please Contact Us so that we can get to the bottom of this!


        - Marissa