Switch 2 T-Mobile scam?


    I was really excited to switch to T-Mobile to be able to save money, but now I'm just FURIOUS by the customer service I have been receiving on their end. I was an AT&T user, I left only because the pricing was high. I was offered the carrier freedom, I paid off my phone with AT&T and they said I would receive an EFT. That process was a nightmare to get accepted, finally I got that accepted after calling tons of times and having to go to the T-Mobile store in person to get that accepted.


    Now im waiting for my reimbursment to be sent and this also has been horrible. I check my status and it said I have been paid, while I have not received no such thing. I had called and they said I would receive my card by the 22nd, still nothing, I'm calling tbile again and I keep getting transferred to a place that just does not pick up, only plays horrendous classical music. I have been stuck for an hour on the phone and nothing. I almost feel like the T-Mobile workers are just tossing me to one person and another to avoid conflict. I just want my money back, the money that was said to be 'paid'



    I should have stayed with AT&T if it was going to be this difficult.. to get some sort of contact.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Switch 2 T-Mobile scam?

        Hey, leslielaft! We absolutely want you to appreciate the switch, and it sounds like this experience isn't playing out how we'd like at all. It sounds like you were able to confirm your eligibility and complete your Carrier Freedom submission (although I'm sorry to read that neither of those processes was easy), but for some reason we're hung up on getting your reimbursement funds to you. I'd love to see what we can do to help get you in touch with the appropriate team to get to the bottom of this -- I'm not sure how much your early termination fee or device balance was, but I know that typically they're not small (and to be honest keeping our word is important whether it's $50 or $500). I'm going to go ahead and send a private message to you -- please take a moment to check your inbox when you're able. Thank you for taking the time to post your experience here!


        - Marissa

        • tidbits

          Re: Switch 2 T-Mobile scam?

          Was it a device payment plan you did with a contract?  When you joined did you receive credit for a device where you paid your device cheaper?  Need some more information.

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          • leslielaft

            Re: Switch 2 T-Mobile scam?

            No, I paid off the remaining from my iphone with AT&T, they said they would pay it back by switching. I haven't gotten received the care yet even when it says "paid"