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    Howdy. I log on once in a while to check out any new deals and saw the Unlimited 55+ program, for which I qualify. We now have two lines on Simple Choice North America. I have several questions I hope you folks can help me with...


    1. Does 55+ differ from T-Mobile ONE other than the restriction to two lines?


    2. I spend a lot of time in Canada, so being able to use Canadian carriers with T-Mobile agreements (pretty much all of them) is essential. Is that still in place?


    3. Confusion: the T-Mobile material says "Not available for hotspots and some other data-first devices." It also says, "Tethering at max 3G." Huh? Somewhere ELSE is says "The T-Mobile ONE plan includes tethering at a maximum of 512 kbps… Plus International add-on … tethering at up to 4G LTE speeds." So what’s the story here?


    4. I also don’t get the international calls: T-Mobile states that “Calls from Simple Global countries over Wi-Fi are $.20/min.” And “voice calls made in countries outside North America are $0.20/minute.” So it’s $.20/min whether the calls are voice or Wi-Fi?


    5. It is likely that one or both of us will be spending 1 - 3 months in Italy next year. Can we add “plus international” to the 55+ plan for those months?



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      • tmo_chris

        Re: 55+ Questions

        These are some great questions  I want to make sure I answer all of your questions so I will number them out as well.


        1: With the 55+ plan being such a great deal already, there are some discounts that you would not be eligible to receive that you would get on a regular T-Mobile One plan. Discounts such as Kickback, Advantage Program, Business Family discounts, Kickback, Netflix on us, Hook Up, or any "free line" offers.


        2: Mobile Without borders is still available on the 55+ plan so you can user your service in Canada just as if you were in the US. 


        3: What this means is that the 55+ plan cannot be used for a tablet, smartwatch, or hotspot device. These devices are considered mobile internet lines and are not eligible for the 55+ plan. To your question on tethering, we call this Smartphone Mobile Hotspot (SMHS) and the 55+ plan comes with unlimited 3G (SMHS). 3G is the speeds you would see which is about 512 kbps. If you need faster SMHS, you can add the One Plus feature to your account for $10 per line and you would get 10GB of 4G LTE SMHS. The One Plus International feature would be $25 per line and you get unlimited 4G LTE SMHS as well as other benefits such as Stateside International Talk w/mobile. Check out the T-Mobile One plan here for more information on the One Plus and One Plus International add-on features (it’s about halfway down the page). 


        4: The 55+ plan comes with our Simple Global rates that allow you to get some pretty heavily discounted rated while roaming in a Simple Global country. Basically, if you are in a Simple Global country, voice calls would be billed at $0.20 a min if you are calling to any other Simple Global country including the US and the country you are currently in. When it comes to Wi-Fi calls, incoming and outgoing calls to/from the U.S only are $0.00/min if you are using Wi-Fi calling at the time the call is made/received. Wi-Fi calls to any other Simple global country including the country you are in are still charged $0.20/min.


        5 A: The One Plus and One Plus international features can be added or removed whenever you want so you could have them on your account when you are traveling and take them off when you are home. If you are planning on adding one of these add-on features to your account, based on the questions you have asked me here, I don’t think you would need to add the One Plus international feature as it does not really provide you with any additional “Roaming” benefits that you would not already get with the regular One Plus feature. Both add-on features get the increased data speeds while roaming (up to 256 kbps – up from 128 kbps) as well as the unlimited Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi. The major difference between these two add-on features is the added benefit of Stateside International Talk w/mobile which gives you discounts when calling internationally from the U.S which you get with the One Plus International add-on.


        5 B: I’m breaking your 5th question into two parts not only cause the first part is already a doozy but I want to make sure that you are aware that T-Mobile USA plans are not intended for extended international use and the majority of your usage must occur on the T-Mobile US network. You mentioned that you would be in Italy for 1-3 months which should be okay but could be cutting it close. We will send you, the PAH, notifications if there is any issues with the amount of usage that is being accrued on a roaming network.


        Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeew, that may be the longest reply I have made today but I hope it was helpful. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.


        Final thought: Since you sound like quite the world traveler, I would recommend you bookmarking our International Roaming Checklist that has a bunch of helpful tips on how to check your voicemail and how to contact us at no charge if you need help

          • binny

            Re: 55+ Questions

            Chris, thanks so much for your reply! Truly excellent. Through several chats and telephone calls, I had sorted the answers out shortly before you wrote and was intending to do the answers myself for anyone else interested. However, it's reassuring to get them directly from you. And, yes, we've switched over to 55+.


            Ha! We're not exactly globe trotters, would that it were true. I've seen have the checklist, but for anyone else who views this thread, spend a few seconds looking over the TM roaming checklist, it's pretty thoughtful. Thanks again.

            • binny

              Re: 55+ Questions

              BTW, my interest in One Plus International is because of calling, not data. If you're 55+, your parents are likely 75+ and facing health issues that us 55+ often help manage, so calling to and from the US without involving Skpe, WhatsApp, and such is a concern. Likewise calls within Italy, as the trip will involve some business. So "unlimited international calling" could be worth the extra $25/month...ease of mind. If my thinking is incorrect, please put me on the righteous path. Thanks.

                • barcodeable

                  Re: 55+ Questions

                  I have Stateside International Calling ... and my wife call her family in italy all the time... way back when T-mobile had international "discount calling"... we used that but it still became expensive when those minutes added up. It's truly a great benefit with this new feature to be able to call from the United States to Landlines & Mobile numbers in Italy (that saves us hundreds every month).

                    • binny

                      Re: 55+ Questions

                      Thanks and I'll keep it in mind. Short-term, I'm more interested in Italy-to-Italy calls when we're there, and Italy-to-US calls to keep track of MIL's fragile health.


                      There will almost certainly be one crisis or another--probably minor--when we're there. Calls to healthcare facilities can be frequent and lengthy, even for minor stuff.


                      Long-term, the stateside plan could be valuable.

                  • robinggn

                    Re: 55+ Questions

                    Hi Chris, Regarding your answer from

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                    above, is all of that still accurate regarding 55+ plan? My husband and I are about to move over to that, and had very similar questions to Binny. Loved your ib detail answer, but want to check it is still correct. Thank you!


                  • drnewcomb2

                    Re: 55+ Questions

                    I've read that if you go to the 55+ plan, you have to turn in your TM-AC1900 CellSpot Router. Is this true?

                    • avasttheredave

                      Re: 55+ Questions

                      Having made the switch to 55+ I do not recommend doing it. The T-Mobile support was not honest in saying what I was going to lose in their otherwise published extras but since the change, my service quality has dropped drastically. During peak hours, even text messages fail. It would appear that if your plan says 55+, your priority in the network drops to the very bottom so the streaming services you are no longer given (although I asked before switching and was told I could get) take priority. JUST DON"T DO IT.

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                        • drnewcomb2

                          Re: 55+ Questions

                          That's interesting. I have not seen that.  The two features I gave up were high speed tethering and the ability to turn  Binge mode off.  What I gained was free roaming in Canada and Mexico, plus a somewhat lower total monthly wireless bill.