Why has my Wifi calling suddenly stopped working ?


    I have a Samsung S3   SGHT999  Android Version 4.3 on which Wifi calling has worked consistently for 5 years.  For the last 3 days , I am getting  the REG99 error.  I live in an area where Tmobile has a very small, weak service spot and need my Wifi calling, this is primarily why I have Tmobile.   Nothing has changed on the router or my phone.  No updates or recycling of either.   There have been no power outages.  My E911 is correct and active on my account.


    I have teenagers who are always out and about and I need/prefer my Wifi calling or I'll have to switch to apps.    Thanks in advance for any ideas.  





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      • gramps28

        Have you tried connecting to a different wifi source?

        • magenta2710429

          I have the same issue with my Samsung S3.  Has worked pretty well on wifi since I got the phone 5+ years ago.  Now cannot hold a connection to my wifi network, I have tried all troubleshooting described online.  I don't have another network to connect to....

          • stevetjr

            Another simple quick thing to try for REG99 is log into your T-Mobile account, go to that line and edit the e911 address.  Even if it's in there just retype the info and save it.  Maybe it expires after a certain amount of time.  Restart the device and then give it a try.

            • magenta2710429

              Tried e911, didn't make a difference.  Tried removing battery and sim for hard reboot.  Tried *#0011# wifi setting.  I have other devices working on wifi.  I cannot get to a public wifi right now, it's a rather long drive for me.

              • magenta2721792

                I have had the exact same issue for the past few days also, same phone, same circumstances etc. 


                I have called in to tech support and have a trouble tkt #17459969


                sounds like maybe a recent TMO network wifi calling update has an S3 OS issue but TMO have no OS updates available for the S3


                NY 12572

                • magenta2710429

                  I called Tmobile support on Saturday.  They tried a few fixes, all didn't work.  Finally they did a backup and reset to factory settings.  My phone wouldn't complete the process and froze on the samsung screen.  Had to drive to the T Mobile store and buy a new phone.

                  The new phone works much better picking up wifi and getting the cell signal, disappointed that after being a T mobile customer for 20ish years they don't offer discounts or anything.

                  • magenta2726839

                    I just wanted to add to this thread because I've had the same problem since Thursday (9/21).  I first thought it might be problem switching between wifi signals/routers, because I was staying at a different house over the weekend (which I've stayed in before and the wifi has worked fine).  I never got the wifi calling working all weekend.


                    But, back at home, the problem has persisted. I've followed all the troubleshooting protocols (multiple times), including logging into my wireless router and checking settings and rebooting.


                    My phone is an LG optimus, so this issue is obviously not limited to Samsung.  The coincidence of timing with others here makes me think that maybe there's been some type of settings change on the network?


                    Anyway, I'm now planning to switch carriers and get a new phone.  I'm too often in locations without T-Mobile cellular coverage for this the wifi calling to be wonky.  Planning on switching to a new phone this week.

                    • tidbits

                      I thought T-Mobile dropped a lot of the old T-Mobile devices that support the older older older versions of wifi calling. I remember there was being a large list of devices.   Unsure where the cut of date was.

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                      • tmo_marissa

                        So first, thanks to magenta2721792 for alerting me to this thread!


                        It looks like we currently have a known issue with REG errors on older Samsung devices. The issue description is as follows:

                        Customers with older Samsung Devices may experience problems registering to WiFi Calling . Samsung S III is primary device affected


                        At this point our engineering team is working on a resolution, although there's not an ETA available as of yet. magenta2710429, I understand you walked through an upgrade process because of this error message -- I'm sorry for that if you weren't ready for a new device! I know newer equipment has a lot to offer -- better network compatibility and typically, improved overall processing speeds -- but if you'd prefer to switch back to your S3, I want to make sure you're aware that it wasn't your device and we're working on this.


                        I know this will cover those of you (and another user elsewhere in the Community) using the S3s, but I'm definitely curious about your situation, magenta2726839. Are you seeing the same REG errors with your LG devices? We'd hate to lose your business because of this, and if the issue is similar to the one that we're already aware of with the Samsung devices, then we'd definitely love to get this reported so that our engineering team can take a look at the possibility that there are other customers impacted by this problem. When you spoke with us, did we get a ticket filed for you?


                        - Marissa

                          • magenta2726839

                            Thanks for addressing this issue, Marissa (@tmo_marissa).

                            I spoke with a few different people this evening about the issue -- the first tech support person thought that the issue was that "wifi calling" was a service that wasn't turned on in my account.  I thought this didn't make sense, since my device and plan came with it and I had been using it for years.  So I ended up talking with a customer care person, and they saw that wifi calling was part of my plan and came with my (LG optimus) device, which I had originally gotten through T-Mobile.  They switched me to tech support specialist, who didn't seem to know what to do about the wifi calling issue but focused on my signal strength/location.  He seemed to give up on the wifi calling issue and suggested a signal booster.


                            I don't know if they logged the REG99 error issue as a ticket.


                            My phone is an older one, so I wonder if there is a similar issue as that affecting the Samsungs.

                              • tmo_marissa

                                Hmmm... if we'd filed a ticket, I believe you should have received a follow up text message with the ticket number. Are you active on social media, by any chance? Our T-Force team, who you can reach out to via Facebook message or DM on Twitter, can get a ticket filed for sure! I'm wondering the same -- if right now we know about the issue with the Samsung devices, but actually perhaps it's affecting more equipment?


                                - Marissa

                            • magenta2710429

                              Thanks for continuing to research the issue Marissa @tmo_marissa.  I was not ready to change phones in a "rush emergency" kind of situation.  I had brain surgery 5 weeks ago, live alone and have to check in regularly via text message with my care givers.  I am very disappointed that T mobile knew about the potential impacts to Samsung s3 users and didn't let us know ahead of time. My previous life was project/program development for software and surely T mobile knows who and how many users will be impacted by "bugs" in a software change. 


                              If a software change is going to render customers phones useless T mobile must notify their potentially impacted customers prior to the change.  T mobile also needs to give their customers the opportunity to proactively upgrade in situations like this.  Customers have the right to make a decision based on information, not be forced to make a change due to lack of planning, testing and knowledge.

                                • tmo_marissa

                                  Oh, magenta2710429, please forgive me if I've caused any confusion. We definitely did not know that this issue was coming -- it's cropped up and has been now marked as a "known issue" after multiple reports to our Tech team have netted enough trouble tickets that our engineering team could note the trend. When we do know of upcoming changes that will impact equipment functionality, that is definitely something we strive to give our customers advance notice of. For example, when we're making network changes, we notify customers using T-Mobile equipment that won't be compatible with the updated network ASAP via SMS to alert them to a potential impact to their service, so that they can contact us and we can answer questions and work on a resolution for them. In this situation, when this thread was started, the issue wasn't noted internally at all -- it's only after it's been reported that we're aware of the problem and working on a fix. It's a error of some kind, and obviously one that's largely inconvenient for many customers like you. I can definitely appreciate that in your condition a working device is paramount for your safety, so if you rely on WiFi to have a connection, then certainly I understand the need to replace your device right away.


                                  - Marissa

                                • borntohula79@gmail.com

                                  I am having the same issue and Marissa directed me to this thread. Still no wifi calling as of this post.

                                  • tmo_marissa

                                    magenta2710429, there's not an ETA available at this time, but I'm following the issue and will update here as any changes are made. There are not notifications sent of this type of issue after the fact, but we do have an internal log of system issues as engineering becomes aware of them -- so once sufficient reports are made, our representatives are able to advise additional subscribers calling with questions that we're aware of the matter and working on a resolution. I will absolutely let you all know if there are any updates made to this internal issue log.


                                    magenta2737197, as a parent of two young children, I understand your concern. I do take some comfort in the fact that 911 calls should work even if other calls do not -- but that's not a substitute for having the working service you rely on for all of your needs. Our support teams are engaged to find a resolution for the problem -- I will follow up here as any updates are made to the known issue or as soon as an ETA is available, and I definitely hope it won't take long.


                                    - Marissa

                                      • tidbits

                                        911 should work without a cellular connections.  What is supposed to happen is when you place the call it should automatically roam on ANY carrier that has signal.  It's one of the requirements for Enhanced 911 and ensure people would be able to call in the event of an emergency. This was made so back in 1999.  So you don't need to worry about wifi calling and 911.

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                                          • tidbits

                                            This even includes cell phones with no service as well iirc. I would test it but then I would get yelled at.

                                              • tmo_marissa

                                                Exactly the reason I've never tested it.   Also, I would hate to take a dispatcher's time away from someone who really needed it, even for a second.

                                                  • magenta2737197

                                                    Regardless, this is a complete pain, doubled by the fact that they don't know when it will be resolved. I can't call my partner if something arises, and I work from home, so I also can't receive client calls.

                                                      • tidbits

                                                        The problem may be they haven't contact people because of how people want to be notified.


                                                        For example.


                                                        I have notifications for text turned on and everything turned off.  456 is what T-Mobile uses to notify me of things.

                                                        They send things through the mail, but most people turn that off or just check the bill, assume it's spam, or don't bother opening it

                                                        They send things through email, but people turn that off, goes to spam folder due to filter rules, or deleted without looking at the contents

                                                        They send it through texts, and T-Mobile asks in the initial setup if they can, but often people click no.


                                                        Eventually the old WiFi calling standards will be retired, and there's not much that can't be done as the old standard doesn't work with the new universal standard being adopted.  To update older devices you'd need to get the manufacturer(Samsung), and the radio manufacturer(Qualcomm) to update the drivers and kernels to allow the newer standard to be used.  We know they are not going to do that for a device that is almost 6 years old.

                                                          • magenta2710429

                                                            Customers/users of any system may ignore the messages sent by the company.  In my previous life, that was a well "known issue".  No matter how many times or ways customers were notified people still didn't "get the message".   In my professional experience, small incentives can go a long way....even a measly $20 coupon can make folks pay attention.  In this case, I would have chosen to upgrade on my own time line in the comfort of my own home.  There are many ways to buy phones (Samsung directly, Amazon) delivered to my home in a couple days.  I was forced to go to the T Mobile store and buy a much less expensive (and less complicated) phone than I would have purchased on my own terms.

                                                          • tmo_marissa

                                                            Please don't think we're attempting to make light of the situation, magenta2737197. I wish we had more information to pass on, please know I'm sincere when I advise that I will continue following the issue and let you know as soon as there are updates. In the interim, although these are solutions that both take a little work, if you've got mobile broadband at home that meets the requirements outlined in the following link then you might be a good fit for a 4G LTE CellSpot -- it's a coverage device that uses your home internet to emit a T-Mobile signal, instead of a WiFi signal, so WiFi calling isn't needed to make it work. Another possible solution would be enabling DIGITS on your home computer or laptop. You could get and receive calls and messages through the downloadable web application. 
                                                            Again, in no way would either of these solutions be preferable to having the working WiFi calling you're accustomed to. We sincerely hope to have that up and running ASAP.



                                                            - Marissa

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                                                  • magenta2709577

                                                    UPDATE :  Thank you all.   I tried many, if not all of the suggestions offered.  Different routers, public wifi at different locations I frequent ( Lowes, Walmart, Dunkin Donuts, Home Depot, Glory Days Sports bar ) ,  edit e911, master reset; nothing corrected the issue.  Yesterday evening I walked into the house and suddenly...bing!  WiFi calling started magically working again.  


                                                    Seriously folks, I believe this to be a Tmobile issue.   They have no less than 2 monitoring apps operating in the background of the phones (privacy is overrated)  and I sent constructive feedback through 3 of the background apps.  If I were to venture a guess, TMobile pushed an OTA correction to my phone.   I dont really care, I am just happy to have my WiFi calling back.  Thank you TMobile !   Satisfied customer.


                                                    Thanks everyone for taking the time from your busy days to offer assistance ! 

                                                    • jmd_forest

                                                      I've had essentially the same problem with my LG L90 ... wifi calling suddenly stopped working. After trying every suggestion on every forum I could find the following finally worked: replaced the SIM card and them had TMobile support services send a signal to my phone to reset the ISM subsystem.

                                                      • funkygh

                                                        CHANGE YOUR SIM CARD!!!!!


                                                        Samsung S9+, Non-T-Mobile version (unlocked American warranty version, bought directly from Samsung); AND iMoan 7 (a real P.O.S.)

                                                        REG90 error when trying to use wifi calling.

                                                        Firstly, I switched to T-Mobile from another carrier even though they have the weakest service of any of the major carriers in my area (and most places as far as I can tell). I switched because they are the only major carrier which allows wifi calling with an Android device that isn't "branded" by them, and I buy my phones reconditioned on the cheap, not retail from phone companies.

                                                        Evidently Apple has enough clout to get the companies to allow wifi calling on any of their devices :-/ so this is specifically an Android issue in my case.

                                                        The first couple of days it worked, then I went to Europe for 7 weeks, during which I had all kinds of roaming shenanigans - having to call tech support and tweak settings a number of times.

                                                        When I got back to NYC, the wifi calling would not work. I reset the phone, I updated all the software, I tried different internet routers, I called t-mo about 10 times b*tching about it, I scoured forums, nothing worked. I did read on a forum that it was worth a try to simply get a new SIM card. I think I mentioned this to a t-mo rep during one of my many whining sessions. Magically a new one showed up Fedex, even though I hadn't specifically asked. (One thing T-mo is good at is sending you whatever they think will make you stop complaining, as proven by this SIM card and one of those signal extender boxes which arrived Fedex today out of the blue).

                                                        Yesterday while on the phone with T-mo I mentioned the extra SIM and the fact that I read about trying it as a fix for the NO WIFI calling issue. We tried it and it WORKED! AMAZEBALLS! Now it's bulletproof and I can even make calls in my basement.

                                                        Many of the problems I'm reading in this thread have to do with the wifi calling going wonky after a move or travel - I think that they get stunned when you roam or whatever. So just ask t-mo to send you a new sim and give it a try!!!


                                                        Lastly, the dreaded iMoan has always worked - no problems there. Probably the only thing that's better about it.

                                                          • topstan

                                                            If funkygh sees this, I wonder if this fix is still working for you?  I got a new Sim yesterday and it did nothing for my problem.  Here is a rundown of the problem as I have experienced it:


                                                            T-Mobile Wifi Calling Problem

                                                            1. In an area that has no network signal (my home), I can use wifi calling on my OnePlus 7 Pro and it works fine until I leave the range of my router.  At that point, I have as you would guess, no wifi and no wifi calling.  If I then return to the range of the router, I get the wifi back, but the wifi calling does not return.  This is not 100%.  Sometimes wifi calling returns and sometimes I can force it to return by toggling Airplane mode.  But, at best that only works maybe 10% of the time.
                                                            2. What always brings wifi calling back is restarting the phone, but that is a pain and while wifi calling is out I am missing calls.
                                                            3. In an area where there IS network service, I never see this problem.  With the phone set for a preference for wifi calling I can leave the range of the router and return and wifi calling is never lost and it properly switches from network to wifi calling.
                                                            4. The problem is documented on both the OnePlus and T-Mobile forums, but I believe it is a T-Mobile problem as people with phones other than OnePlus are reporting it on T-Mobile.  100% of the reports on the OnePlus forum seem to be coming from people who have T-Mobile service.
                                                            5. Many solutions are suggested and I have pretty much tried them all.  Different router settings; different phone settings; hard resets; getting a new Sim from T-Mobile.  So far nothing has worked.
                                                            6. I wonder about some of these solutions because almost anything you try that might require restarting the phone may seem to work for awhile and then it rather quickly goes back to failure.
                                                            7. The problem MAY not occur on iphones, but I otherwise love my OnePlus 7 Pro and don’t feel like spending a minimum of $800 for an iphone to find out.
                                                            8. Switching to another carrier is not a particularly attractive option either as many other carriers won’t even support wifi calling on phones (other than apple) that they don’t sell.