Apple Watch Series 3 not making calls / texts (cellular works though)

    I, like many, have had many issues getting my watch to finally connect to the network. After I spoke with someone this afternoon, they were finally able to get the watch connected to the T-Mobile network. She said there was still more to be done and that she would call me back tomorrow to make sure everything was set up correctly. Shortly after we ended our conversation, I opened the data sectarian on my Apple Watch app on my iPhone and it seems like everything was finally connected. MY plan was showing, I used Siri on the watch and the usage would go up each time I used it, so I know the data was being used. However, when I go to make a phone call on my watch it immediately fails. Anyone have any insight as to why the data would work but the calls fail like that? Anything I should try or just wait for it to resolve itself?


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