Grandfathered simple choice plan


    Okay so I did leave this post marked as a question, because technically it is. I haven't been paying a lot of attention to Tmobile lately, but I have recently when I paid my bill online and decided to check to see if they added any other plans that would offer me a better value (currently have a Galaxy Note 5, which is my only line, on the $40 a month simple starter plan and added more data to it by paying an extra $5). So currently I get unlimited talk and text with 2GB of 4G LTE data. I have the ability to use wi-fi hotspots all over my city because I have HSI from another provider that has these hotspots available, so I get by with this limited amount of data for the most part.


    Whenever I went to look at their plans, this is when I noticed that they have changed to the "Tmobile one" and "Tmobile one plus" plans, which are supposed to simplify everything but honestly when you get down to it, they are very confusing. The fact that you get throttled after 26GB of usage if you're in a congested area and the inability to disable Binge On without paying a whopping $25 extra a month are just two examples of what make this plan confusing to me. I honestly don't like this plan.


    I wanna make sure that I'm not going to get kicked off my current plan and that I'll always be grandfathered if I want it. I saw this on another post and just wanna know that it's true.


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