None of my Data with Paired Digits Lines are Ringing or getting Texts


    So after upgrading to the iPhone 8+ in store today something happened where all of my Digits lines became unpaired. None of those lines are receiving incoming calls or getting text messages. I can send with no problem. The rep on the phone was able to pair my Digits line to my primary line and got outgoing calls and text to work but I'm not receiving any incoming. I can't even manually unpair my Digits line in the management console. I keep getting an error. Any help would be appreciated.


    This is the error I get in the management system:



    Unable to save duplicate line - data conflict

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      • debjitjdv

        Did you change your SIM card (i.e. the SIM card of the DATA with Paired DIGITS) while upgraded to iPhone 8+? If you have used your old SIM card then there should not be any problem. But if you used the SIM card that came in with the iPhone 8+ SIM slot, then possibly you need to update the account keeping SIM number's SIM ICCID number. In other simple words, you need to bring the SIM number of the DATA with Paired DIGITS SIM card to the new SIM card. Then it will work correctly.


        I have upgraded from iPhone 6 to iPhone 8+ and using my old sim card. Everything is working fine including data, incoming and outgoing calls and texts. Please keep me updated and what you exactly did.

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