Can more than one person be allowed to access FamilyWhere?


    Both my wife and I want to use FamilyWhere to be able to locate our daughter.  Is there a way to configure the app so that two people on two different phones can use it?  What about those times where our daughter might want to find us?  The main reason is because there are places in our area, a mall and two grocery stores, where texting does not work consistently but GPS and calls appear to work just fine.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Welcome, magenta2701332. At this time, FamilyWhere's services allow only the Primary Account Holder to locate the other lines on the account. I can definitely see how a mutual location service would be helpful for a family, though! I did a quick Google search and it does look like iOS devices have a feature called Find My Friends that you may be able to use to do this, and Android users may be able to take advantage of Google+ to track one another. It recommended a few third party applications as well. If you decide to explore any of these options, let us know if you find something that you like!


        - Marissa

          • 2027442669

            Hello.  Please, please, please...add multiple-user support as a feature request to your team for FamilyWhere. This would seem to be a no-brainer.  As one of two parents in the home, I do not want to be The One who always has to locate my child. FamilyWhere has been a great for me.  I just wish mom could use it as well.  I appreciate the consideration!  I'm an Android user.