I have called T-Mobile today to offer me a credit for the 8 days that I was without services due to Hurricane Irma.


                I have been with T-Mobile for about six years now and find it insulting that have 7 or 8 lines with your company, that your rep would tell me that the credit for 8 lines for 8 days no service then 3 or 4 days services by areas that they would give me a $20.00 credit. I find this outrages and honestly can’t believe that, that is the credit a good customer would receive.


                I had my office phones transferred to my cell phone and all the calls were missed, my boss couldn't contact me and the clients were very upset about the situation. My husband has an At&t account and never lost service but he was working and worried about me and the kids cause he could not communicate with me through none of my 6 phone lines with T-Mobile. I would really appreciate a courtesy credit of what I really deserve for all of this agony. Not $20.00 for 8 lines. I find that unreasonable.


                Please advise if any additional credit will be issued on my account.

                Thank you.




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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Outage

        I am truly sorry for the interruption in your service. Irma definitely did a number on the wireless networks! While we worked as quickly as we could to restore service, we understand that some users were without service for much longer periods of time. I will agree that $20 for 8 lines seems a bit low and we do have procedures in place when outages last longer than your typical site maintenance. I would recommend that you reach out to our T-Force team on Facebook or Twitter using the links in my signature so that we can do a full review of your account and see what options are available.