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    I would like to know if I were to upgrade my phone to the iPhone 8 Plus from a Galaxy Note 5 that is on a Simple Starter Plan (which is $40 a month.), will I have to switch my plan to the T-Mobile ONE Plan, or can I keep my simple starter plan?

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      • gramps28

        Re: Upgrade Question

        You can keep or plan. The only way you would have to change your plan would be if the

        phone was part of a promotional offer that required a plan change.

        • nanunanu76

          Re: Upgrade Question

          gramps28 is correct. I just upgraded my phone and was not required to change my plan.


          In fact, the phone I wanted, the G6, was on discount but only with the qualified, post paid plan. Which I did not have since I am not a fan of paying for things I do not need (unlimited data, Tuesday deals, etc.).


          I was at the store for about 20 minutes, manager heard I wanted the phone and was ready to pay the discounted price. He agreed and I walked out paying almost $200 less then retail.