JUMP! Caos


    hello i have been with Tmobile for a little over a year and had the JUMP program for just as long. I went to jump this spring  from my lg stylo to an iphone 6 i had no problem. Unaware until 8/15/2017 when i was trying to JUMP to the S8  that the agent that did the JUMP for me remove the JUMP program from my service I was shock and blown; since that moment my service has been on a downward spiral. I call the support line and they told me that they didn't understand why the store was telling me this because they see the service on there side. OK?? so i went back in to the store 4 time to 2 different stores being told the the same thing over and over. Finally while on the phone with customer support while in a Tmobile store the Support told me that it will be best to do it over the phone. I was kinda disappointed because i wanted the S8 today but i did it anyway to get the madness over with, then i did i received emails stating that my card didnt go threw. weird but i gave my card information again and was told the payment would be removed by 12 o'clock that night that was the 09/18/2017 never happened and when i checked again my est. shipping change from 9/22/2017 to 10/20/2017 through the 11/03/2017. this is making no since to me why am i going through all of this I am so frustrated at this moment I'm ready to give up on Tmobile unless i get some proper help.

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