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Apple Watch Series 3 Will not work with T-Mobile Business Account


    Apple Watch Series 3 Will not work with T-Mobile Business Account.


    T-Mobile Business Account will not work with Apple Watch Series 3 for a cellular connection, which is the only reason to upgrade to a Series 3 from a Series 2.  T-Mobile Business knew this was going to be an issue prior to launch.  T-Mobile Business made a business decision not to inform there customers that this was the case prior to, or even after launch.


    It took several hours trying to find out this information.  After calling T-Mobile Business Customer Support, I was transferred to Technical Support, and then to a Special Technical Support who stated that they would call in back in 24-48 hours.  I have been told this before by T-Mobile Business Technical Support.  They do not call you back.  You simply have to start the process over again in 24-48 hours.  And I mean, start from the beginning, all over again.  Not a great solution.  The special technical support technician stated that I had to talk with business customer service again.  When I explained that that's where I started, he said he would get me to the "right" person, and then did a blind transfer to a business customer support person who had no idea what the call was about.  If you are tired of reading this at this point... yes... you get the idea...   In the hold time that I was on the phone, I ended up feeling it was better to drive to the T-Moble store.


    The store personal did what they could, and actually, when they call in, they are able to get better help than when a customer calls in... so I got to a technician that explained that 1) T-Mobile had an inservice on this prior to the launch and knew that Apple Watch Series 3 would not authenticate (i.e. work) on a T-Mobile Business account... unless you bought it from T-Mobile.  2) That it was a problem with Apple.  3) That you could return the watch to Apple and buy one from T-Mobile.  4) That, no, they did not have any watches to sell, they are on back order.


    So, you could 1) Return the watch to Apple and wait to get one from T-Mobile in a month or maybe more.  2) Use it just as if it were a series 2 watch (which is something that a majority of early adapters are probably upgrading from to start with, and the only advantage to the series 3 is LTE connection.)  3) Wait until T-Mobile resolves the issue, and no they have no idea when that might be.  They "would hope soon", but they did not have any information to provide.


    This is a problem with T-Mobile.  The issue is that Business accounts are set up on business tax id numbers.  T-Mobile has set up there services to authenticate with the last 4 of a social security number.  T-Mobile will not authenticate to the last four of the tax id number they have on your account, so the authentication fails.  This is _not_ an Apple issue.  T-Mobile knows it.  Apple knows it.  I know it.


    T-Mobile could at the very least be honest with us.  That's not too much to ask.  So, they knew about it.  Didn't care to tell us about it ahead of time.  Didn't care to tell us about it when we call in on the first call.  If you send several hours of your time, you might be able to talk to a T-Mobile representative that can at least tell you the det

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