Huawei Honor 7 - not getting LTE/3G



    I signed up with t-mobile prepaid around April this year in San Francisco and have been using it in LA, San Diego and Seattle with no problem up for 3g/LTE until around July where suddenly it can only connect to EDGE. I am based in Everett WA north of Seattle area and I will get 3g only in certain areas (definitely no LTE) . The last highest data connection I got was 3g in Lynnwood and West Seattle. 95% of the time I'm only getting Edge.


    Has something changed? I read something about Huawei Honor 7 not supporting VOLTE / E911  and there was a new T-mobile update so something might have changed that is making my Honor 7 basically obsolete on T-mobile network now


    HALP plss..

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