Apple Watch 3 connection issues - Digits assigned a second number.


    I've activated my new series 3 cellular Watch and the setup took me through the Digits sign up. I left my iPhone at my desk and went walking around the block to test it out. Dictation works fine to create and send/receive text messages. I can create and send emails. However, I can't make a call without the call immediately failing. I've restarted my Watch to no luck.    


    Oddly, when I check my tMobile account online, under the Digits section of my account, it shows Digits has been assigned a new phone number that doesn't match my iPhone's number. Additionally, in that same section, it also says my Watch has been "paired" to my correct cellphone number. Weird science.


    Anyone have any similar issues or have any suggestions to try? I understand its launch day and there will be some early adopter issues to straighten out.



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