Horrible Customer Service and Billing. Been A Stressful Experience Every Billing Cycle!


    We have been so patient with TMobile since November last year. Our bill every month does not show the correct credit we are supposed to get. Every month, we had to go to the center where we bought the devices and raised our billing concerns. The guy who has been helping us in the center keeps on explaining to customer service we are not being given of correct credits. We are only supposed to pay 239 a month but our bill every month goes up to 300 even 500 one time.


    This morning TMobile just drew the last inch of patience I have. I woke up with no service. My husband who is on the road did not have service. I was about to leave house and my mom's phone did not have service and so I worried that she could not contact me in case of emergency with my little 9 month old baby. I called my husband and what I heard was automated message. My service was disconnected for not paying $47. The due date of our bill was September 12. Our bill again did not have the correct credit. It was $250 plus. I paid last week $239 which is the amount we are supposed to pay every month with correct credit. Without notification. No email. No text on our phones. No call. Tmobile cut our line for not paying the 47 dollars. The amount we did not even owe you!!!!


    With the automated message, it asked me to put ssn 4 digit numbers but didnt accept it. I ended up paying this morning. But instead of only $40+

    , my card was charged of $60 because that was how the automated message received my voice and a reconnection fee of $20 dollars. All these dealings with automated machine made me late for work and scolded by my boss!


    You cut all our lines for not paying an amount we did not even owe you and charge us more! Horrible!!! I will be bringing this to the business bureau. I wanted out of your service anymore but do not even dare charge me any money anymore for terminating our contract coz you have caused us so much stress already for many months!

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