Help with the talk to text feature on S7


    I am a country girl and have abit of a southern accent.  So when I try to use talk to text it never says what I said.  Any clues on how to get this to work for me??  Or if someone could create a talk to text program that understands redneck, backwoods, country people that would be AWESOME!

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      • tmo_marissa

        This is my favorite post this month.
        I've lived in Virginia for about fifteen years now, and though I don't *think* I have an accent, visiting friends from the northeast or northwest always set me straight. If something like this were invented, it would probably come from the OS manufacturer -- so Google would need to build it in, or Apple would need to give Siri a southern culture modification, etc. That said, if you can get a start-up going and come up with an over the top solution, you might have a million dollar idea!


        - Marissa