Issues with primary account holder


    Dear customer service,


    I did a conversion from non-credit checking to regular post-paid account 3 days ago. Right now, I have a  3 lines in T-Mobile One account. I can make phone calls and use data. However, whenever I log in to my T-Mobile using my primary phone number (ending with 6185), the system always reminds me that I haven't "confirmed the primary account holder". But when I follow its instruction and input my SSN number and DOB, it always says "server error" and can't process my confirm request. I've tried a dozen times, it never worked. And because of that, I can't actually do anything with my T-Mobile since most features require primary account holder status, such as sign up with Netflix and add a line, etc.


    Please take a look into this and let me know what's going on here.


    BTW: I've called a few times your support, but none of them solved the issue. Most of them don't even understand what I'm trying to do.



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