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    Every time I dialed a number using the Digits App a dialog box appears showing the number on the photo and to be able to place a call I have to click CALL every single time. If I click CALL the phone call is completed and is shown in caller Id as the correct number.


    Is this normal?? That's not even my number.





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      • debjitjdv

        Re: Different number shown - Digits



        Yes thats normal. Thats how DIGITS should work in the iOS. There is no need to black out those +1-413-417-XXXX numbers. They are generated by the system via which the call is routed. Everyone who uses DIGITS in iOS via DIGITS app, will see those numbers. Those numbers do not belong to any particular user but shared among all users via DIGITS system. It does not hamper your privacy and no one else will know which number you are dialing.

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