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Galaxy S8 BOGO


    So I bought 2 Samsung s8+ bogo(4 phones) and I still have yet to receive the MasterCard. I am waiting on 1500 dollars to be sent to me and it's been past 8 weeks. I called, they said it was an error and they need my email address to resend it. It's been a week and I still have no email, or nothing in the mail. What in the he'll is going on with this crappy company? There's a reason why Verizon is beating you, and it must just be customer service because they suck. Why does it take you 4 months to send a promotional card that said it would take 6-8weeks??? Where are your standards? It sure looks like you only care about keeping the customer on the bill so you guys get paid.



    Worst customer service I have ever had in my god forsaken life. I almost feel like switching back to Verizon after this. You guys are scamming the customer and I feel like calling the fcc on you All! California consumer affairs will be called as well.


    I want awnsers and all you guys can give is suggestions.

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        Re: Galaxy S8 BOGO

        Ouch, nephrosis, $1500 is no small sum and waiting for it would be frustrating for anyone, especially since it sounds like you've taken additional steps to move this forward. When you provided this email address, were you giving it to our Care team, or the Promotions team? Since you reached a step where the promotion pay out was confirmed, I can't imagine what's holding this up.

        The Support Community is a public user forum, so our community members and managers are able to provide suggestions as you mentioned, but are not able to securely verify your account details and look into what's happening. Working directly with the team that is responsible for completing these promotions should yield results. We don't want you waiting for your rebate, nor do we want to lose your business. To reach the Promo team directly so that we can provide you a status update on your rebate (and get the cards reissued if necessary), you can follow these steps:


        1. Press 1 for English.
        2. Press 2 for Terms & Conditions
        3. Press 2 for General Instructions
        4. Press 1 for Additional Assistance