No coverage at large Corporate Site - 777 Long Ridge Rd Stamford CT


    I work at a large corporate site for Synchrony Financial (approx 1,000 people in 3 large buildings).  As soon as you turn off Long Ridge Road into the driveway, there is ZERO bars (despite coverage map showing there should be excellent signal).  No data, no phone.  Nothing.  Essentially while I am at work I cannot use my phone.  When I inquired about it - the official response is "TMobile doesn't work here - you need to switch providers to Verizon or ATT".  When I asked around to staff - the unuversal response is "Tmobile hasn't ever worked here".  After investigating - it turns out that at least one of those providers put in a repeater on the property to address the problem for their network.  I am using a Samsung S7 Edge - which performs wonderfully most everywhere.


    Since I was having a signal strength problem at home and TMobile was excellent about providing a solution for my home - I'm hoping that there is some way to work with your Network team to get a signal on this property.  As it is - there are 800-1000 people here who are being told regularly "don't use Tmobile" - and I think if for no other reason than to not have bad press - let alone help the Tmobile customers who work there - it would be good to do.


    I'd be happy to work with you to try and broker a meeting with our IT or property mgmt folks to allow discussions to being on resolving this.


    Hope you can get me some help!  As it is - I'm having to seriously consider dropping tmobile simply because I need a phone that can connect during the day.  I'd MUCH rather not as I am loving TMobile's service otherwise.



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