Port In questions


    What is exactly the port in and the port out procedure?

    How is it done?

    Thank you for your answers.

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      • barcodeable

        Re: Port In questions

        I have the same question


        I already have 4 extra sim cards so i am trying to avoid a $25 sim card fee


        I do want to know if there is a charge for porting in a number that isnt a "new line".


        The numbers T-Mobile generated for me are so lame.... well, one of my tablet #'s have numbers i can easily memorize, but all my other numbers seem like random numbers. I have a google voice number that spell out 2 words (xxx) x-call-us, and I have another number that resembles my main number with the exception of 1 number. I want to keep these numbers in a safe place and not lose them due to some sort of technicality.


        I have 2 Google Voice #'s  I want to port in to my T-Mobile account. I went online and i see that Google charges a $3 fee to process the porting of a number. Then the Carrier does their side and BAM your number gets ported in.


        I have a TextPlus # I would also like to port to my T-Mobile account. Im unsure if it is even possible, but I will investigate further to get details if it can be done.

        • tmo_chris

          Re: Port In questions

          magenta2564433 - The port in an port out procedures are pretty simple To port in a number, you just call our sales and activations team at 1-800-T-Mobile and let them know you want to port in your number. They will check to make sure it is eligible based on a few factors such as your market and availability but once it is done, the line is canceled with your previous provider. As for porting out, I cannot speak to other carriers port in policies but if you port out your number, you line is canceled with us and you are only billed for the remainder of the cycle you were in when the line was ported out.


          barcodeable - The SIM Starter kit is going to be something that is applied to all new line activations whether or not the line was used on another carrier or if it was a newly assigned number from us. The Starter Kit cost is not only for the physical SIM card but also for things like authentication for that line on the T-Mobile network and security features like SIM Card Lock.