Alcatel Idol 4s Win 10 as a VR device only?



    I've been a long time Windows Phone user going back to early Nokias. I have and still use my Alcatel Idol 4S and other than occasional freezes and need to reboot (Been rebooting to fix Windows PC since Workgroup For Windows and Windows 95, imho reboots are part of running windows)

    My main question is that since TMobile no longer supports my device and Win 10 Phone seems to be on its way out.

    Will I be able to migrate to a new device BUT Still use my Alcatel as a VR with headset only?

    The VR headset is what sold me on the Alcatel and I've become quite fond of several of the limited Windows Phone compatible Virtual Reality games and scenic VR experiences.

    I'm halfway into a 2 year commitment and paying for Jump, but still owe a good amount for a phone I've been using since January, and it's still my only phone.

    I don't want the expense of a new VR phone and headset so early in the game.

    If I have to go away from Windows 10 phone to another manufacturer and operating system, I'd like to think that I can use my current equipment just for VR games that are already pre-installed, downloaded from Windows Store or purchased so recently from Windows Store.

    I hope my convoluted questions make sense. I'll hold out with my Idol and Win 10 Phone as long as possible but with internal battery, I don't know how long that may be.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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      • magenta2668534

        Please direct my post to as many proper discussion groups if it can get more answers

        • tidbits

          Yes you can.  Swap the sim into the other device.

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            • magenta2668534

              So when you say swap Sim, you mean into whatever I have to replace my Windows Alcatel with?

              My current Alcatel is a TMobile device. Will it boot up without a Sim? It hung up on Windows screen that's usually followed by a Mob splash the straight to enter pin. Perhaps I'll have to unlock it when I "Jump" to an Apple or Android device.

              I don't know why Windows Phones don't get anything respect. Office Suite and Skype plus messenger and VPN services are great. Safe operating system.

              i hope i can as you say, get new Android at T-Mobile. Pull Sim from Alcatel and boot it up and I'm using VR headset. Any chance i can use home wifi for downloading game updates, new 3D p2p experiences or updating existing games.?

                • tidbits

                  Correct when you switch the sim the new phone should work, and the Alcatel will not have service, but you just turn on WiFi and then you can do everything you need it to do while connected through wifi like download, and update the games. 


                  All phones should always boot without a sim.  The reason being it should is due to US laws that even if a device doesn't have service 911 SHOULD be placed even if it has service or not.  If it doesn't boot up the device can't comply with this law.  Of course if it doesn't boot up due to hardware or user breaking it is another story


                  Not sure why it's not booting without a sim as my previous 4 windows phone all booted just fine from day one without a sim.

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                    • magenta2668534

                      Hello Tidbits,

                      Thank you for your help. You are right and know you're stuff. I wasn't given the test enough time. It also seems to get to my pin screen faster if i turn off TMobile data connection or I could be imagining that.

                      I appreciate your help and the whole emergency number at PIN page makes a lot of sense.

                      Have a great rest of your week and Thanks again.