What is desktop (Windows) application status?




    What is the current development status on the Windows desktop application?  Or web access for that matter?


    Without pointing out specific posts, the impression I am under is that development focus is with Android/iOS on cell phones.


    Assuming that is true:


    I primarily use the web/desktop DIGITS.  Not sure why I'd use it on a phone actually.  Well, I did install DIGITS on my wife's phone so we could just have the one phone when out and about.  I must say It worked very well in that case.


    I've learned to just using the messaging and voice mail on DIGITS.  Making calls from my PC is just too riddled with problems so I seldom even try anymore.  I always get comments like "you sound like an alien".  Never a complaint on Skype.  Or, if I have to go though routing (like "press 2 to speak Greek") the call just goes silent then drops.  Answering calls isn't possible.  It never rings, just shows up as a "missed call".


    Anyway, I'm not asking to have these problems addressed in this thread.  Just pointing out why I don't use DIGITS beyond sending texts.  All I'd like to know for now is if I should get back active on EAP trying to work these bugs out or not.  I'm just one of those that doesn't have a cell phone - only the T-Mobile number.


    Thanks in advance.