Getting Screwed with the "Jump!" Program


    I'm a recent switchover from AT&T, and I really liked the idea of coming to T-Mobile for multiple reasons:

    1) Similar service coverage, (although slower)

    2) Cheaper, truly-unlimited service that's cheaper in price per month

    3) T-Mobile offered to pay my previous device off with AT&T, (wow)

    - and -

    4) Unlimited international data (not having to pre-pay for a plan before I travel, and I travel a lot outside of the USA).


    Now to my frustration:


    When I initially signed up to get the iPhone 7 128GB, the store gave me a 32GB by mistake. I called T-Mobile to let them know about this, cause I didn't realize until I got home and restored my new iPhone from a previous backup of my 6s 128GB. They gave me a $50 re-stocking fee credit over the phone, so I could go back in and get the bigger one if i'd like to, which is nice of them. However, this didn't help much, since they still wanted a bigger down-payment in-store by $100. I said, you know what, since I have "Jump! On Demand", i'll just trade this phone in when the iPhone 8 comes out, and deal with deleting stuff every day on my phone until that happens. Whatever, i've had to deal with worse inconveniences.


    Then, I get my friend to sign up on my plan, (bringing them more business), and he gets "Jump! ON Demand" for his iPhone 7. But when signing up while in store, the customer service rep tells me I don't have "Jump! ON Demand" on MY line, and essentially: the person who initially signed me up in-store screwed up with this too, in addition to giving me the wrong-capacity iPhone 7. The rep tells me I can call to get it taken care of. Okay. Cool...


    So, I call this past Monday on Sept. 12th, and the rep on-the-phone tells me that she added the proper "Jump! ON Demand" to my line, so that I don't have to pay 50% of my depreciating device off before I can trade it in, and that i'm 100% good to go when the new iPhone comes out; since it's already been more than 30 days since I got my iPhone 7, i'll be able to "Jump!" right in.

    However, this is not the case, yet again. I went to T-Mobile's website today to pre-order the iPhone 8, but alas: I still don't have "Jump! On Demand", and i'm told I have to pay 50% of my device off before I can trade it in.


    No. Way.


    I call customer retention, and there's "nothing" they can do, even though the girl on Monday told me that she added it for me, and even though I was initially told I had it when I got my phone; it's impossible to retrofit my device plan according to them, and there's no way it can be changed, "even if they go back and listen to the phone calls i've had with T-Mobile over-the-phone support, and that confirms the conversations i'm referencing".


    I'm furious. Even from a logical standpoint: there's no way in my right mind i'd sign up to pay off 50% of a depreciating device, before being able to trade it in for another one, especially when signing up just months before the new iPhone is released. It makes zero sense, because i'm very conscious of the electronics industry: I own multiple franchised locations of a national company that fixes these devices, and latest technology is my passion. I know what these devices are worth, how quickly they lose their value, and when the new ones are slated to be released for public consumption.


    The fact that i'm being told there's nothing they can do is total BS. The mistakes made by T-Mobile right off the bat are many, and it doesn't seem like they truly want to retain my business. Being a small business owner myself, I have to stand behind my word and promise on a daily basis, or else a regular person can *completely ruin* my reputation with a single Google review: why isn't a company like T-Mobile, who spends MILLIONS of dollars on a single commercial, do the same? I'm not sure what I should or can do in this situation other than get my attorney involved. I just want to "Jump!" into a new device, "On Demand", like I was initially lead to believe I could. Unless something happens to mitigate my circumstances caused by T-Mobile, i'll "Jump!" ship very quickly, and I won't go quietly, because this doesn't seem very "un-carrier" of them.

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      • jwigingtonjones

        I have the same problem. I was told when I upgraded to an iPhone 6S that I should go for the monthly payments instead of outright purchasing the device. This JUMP idea is completely new to me. Now, I am told that my "lease" is about up and I have to pay an additional $216 to purchase it. My preference was to buy the device when I upgraded, and basically the sales person talked me into making payments, which totaled (he said) the same as I would pay for instantly purchasing the device. I never was told about a JUMP program or that I would have to pay a balance after finishing my "lease", which is a term also not used when I obtained the device. I found this to be deceiving and am unhappy about it!

        • domesticaveman

          I Tweeted the CEO on Twitter about my concern and the mishandling of this situation, and his social media team made it right! Thank you T-Mobile, for coming through.

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          • magenta2355942

            I got royally screwed by T-Mobile too.  I saw the BOGO (Buy One Get One Free promotion) back in early November.  I was prepared to pay for the iPhone 8 Plus at $800, and I would get the other $800 for free.


            I was told when I upgraded to an iPhone 8 Plus that I should go for the monthly payments instead of outright purchasing the device.  I was confused but basically the sales person talked me into making payments, which totaled (he said) the same as I would pay for instantly purchasing the device.  So I agreed.  I was under the impression that I would be getting my $750 credit card in 6-8 weeks.  It never came. 


            So I called the promotions department thinking there was a delay or a simple mistake. WRONG!  I found out because I was on the Jump program that THEY put me on therefore I didn't qualify for the BOGO promotion.  I told them that word "JUMP" program or "Lease" was never used in my conversation when I signed up back in November.  I didn't realize that I was signing up for a LEASE!!!!!  This was never explained to me, and I would have NEVER agreed to this to leasing a phone I wouldn't own at the end!  Why would I agree to a Jump program that would mean I would pay $1600 after everything is said and done to lease and own the phone in 18 months?

            I wanted to Buy One and Get One Free.  How hard of a concept is this?!?!?!?!


            I looked at my lease and here's the math.  Total Lease amount is $594 * 2 phones.  I pay $66 a month for 18 months which equals $1188.  BUT I have to pay additional $206 per phone ($412 for both phones) to OWN the phones which comes out to $1600, they offered to give me $400 credit. which means, I'm STILL SHORT of $400. 


            I demanded they give me what I would have been promised for BOGO which is I pay $800 for the phone for the promise of getting a free phone that's worth the same price... no luck!  Anything short of that promise is simply fraud to consumers.  I'm still $400 short and I'm about to write the CEO of the company if this doesn't get resolved. 

            • ccinah123

              Almost the same thing happens. I feel like they screw us over on purpose knowing to not put the program on the person who requested it. When me and my bf initially bought our (2) new phones after switching to tmobile, the sales rep asks if we want the JUMP on our phone, my boyfriend said yes and we specifically requested the JUMP program on his device so that he has the coverage, while i stated i didn't need it. I've been on autopay for months. I come to find out the JUMP was put on my phone instead! my bf screen on his samsung won't show anything, pitch black, but there are sounds coming out and there are no cracks or scratches on his phone since we had just bought our phones early this year. When we go they say the JUMP is on MY phone and can't do anything about it because he doesn't have the coverage, we have the exact same phone. Apparently they've done this to his sister and mom where they put the coverage on the wrong person's phone after we told them. So now we have brand new phones we can't even fix because the sales rep messes up our accounts when we open it with them.

              • magenta2623984

                If you are taliking to support service in late evening, you often do not get your point over. The rep does not understand you because of the language difference. Try calling customer service in day time if this applies to you.