Play Store carrier billing stopped working after changing to T-Mobile One


    I recently changed to the T-Mobile One plan; In the past I have always been able to charge small purchases that I occasionally make on the Google Play Store to my T-Mobile bill. Ever since changing plans, I get the following error message on all of my phones when trying to make a purchase:


    "You are unable to charge this purchase to your T-Mobile bill due to settings on your account. Please contact your primary account holder to modify your settings. [OR-DVASA2-02]"


    I am the primary account holder and could not see anything on my account that would block doing this (no content block, not using family allowances). I tried to find a feature that would need to be added to enable doing this, but I could not find anything.


    Is it no longer possible to bill to the account when on T-Mobile One "All-in" plans?

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