T-Mobile ONE Plus International + Netflix data limits?


    I haven't seen this stated anywhere, but if you have the T-Mobile ONE Plus International plan, and a second line; you are qualified for a Netflix account.


    Question is if you watch Netflix on your device (or screen mirrror), does that Netflix data count against the 32GB data limit where throttling begins?


    A single, two hour HD movie on Netflix could be in excess of 6GB - see link for estimated data usage:
    How can I control how much data Netflix uses?


    Also T-Mobile ONE Plus International promises:

    Unlimited 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot*

    Unlimited HD video streaming (US only)


    Just what does that mean, can I then watch HD Netflix by using Hotspot (tethering) in excess of >32GB?

    Will hotspot (tethering) be throttled in excess of >32GB?

    Can the majority of my data be by hotspot?


    These details are not clear.

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